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  1. Happy Birthday STIFLR!

  2. Yeah they are doing 2 this year.
  3. Good stuff Angel!! You going to do the challenge also? Yeah went all out. Wanted to get the full affect seeng im pasty white normally. Cheers. Bizkets... get some glutamine also, its good for gut health among other things. I'll also say, actual food should come first and protein shakes should be used as a top up.
  4. Cheers guys. It was good to get back into the swing of things after some time off.
  5. Good luck guys... I did it last year to get the motivation back after not having trained for about a year.
  6. Nutrition is the best way without 'assistance'. Have to eat big to get big! Also pre workouts raise your cortisol levels which reduces your protein sythesis and prevents tissue growth. However supplementing with Vit C can help reduce cortisol levels after training.
  7. I would suggest to cycle it, as your body makes it naturally and if you're consistently taking it, it can decrease your bodies natural stores. As for loading, it depends on the quality of the creatine. Better ones, there's no need to load.
  8. Happy Birthday STIFLR!

  9. Have a set sitting in my garage, which were on my f6e. Need a 3mm spacer to clear 6/4 brembos. Havent weighed them but going by feel they weigh less than the stock 19's. Might look to sell them if your interested?
  10. Morning all. One more day of work for me after today... Have a wedding on Friday then off to the Gold Coast on Saturday, come back Thursday next week.
  11. Hi Good stuff Adam. What are your plans for it? Good colour choice, would get white myself!
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