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  1. Outback Jack's closed down in adelaide yeah?
  2. I'm broke so crap cheap beers for me tonight
  3. I go at 4am stripes only time I can do it. Or 9pm at night. I'm a morning person and been doing it at that time for 4yrs now. You get used to it. Only issue is when you have a day off your sleep in is like 6am hahaha. Bloody body clock. Lol
  4. Finished on 8. Saturday was average haha
  5. On many nrl forums. Also yeah also lots of banter. Everyone hates souffs and the dragons are full of weak meth heads. Hahaha. Go bronx
  6. 7 big boys down. What an AMAZING win by the Broncos. Sa gold saving bottles for my first IPA home brew. [emoji482][emoji1690]
  7. Steak and a slice of bread at the base. Stable feed. [emoji869]
  8. Only way to do it. Until my legs are 100% no running. Lost heaps of time from work because of smashed feet and now liberal want to sell sa rail I'll probably be jobless soon even know I started an apprenticeship in January
  9. Go the BRONCOS. Hell yeah. Kill them Sydney bin chickens. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji869]
  10. So rab you bringing home made snags. Haha. The list will grow. Lol
  11. I have been losing weight slowly. Trying to eat better and lay off the piss. Lol. But 3 yrs ago went from 114.35kgs to 89kg. Some how found most of it again. Still hit gym 5-6 days a week. Booze packed it back on. Was 110 4 weeks ago now 105 but it's still progress. Still love the brews but trying to get bad food down. Thing is I'm lifting the most I have ever lifted. Pb's every second week. Did legs for the first time in 3 months because of my hip/back. Wow my legs are still smashed on the third day. Now everything is good legs 2 times a week. Need to start running again.
  12. Great beer and hopefully the bronx beat the Sydney bin chickens. [emoji482][emoji123]
  13. I'll probably be working. Unless they privatize the railway network. Then Ill have a package and free time. Lol So it's a maybe.

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