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  1. Have you used pcm/tec before arron?
  2. Homebrew mosaic and Amarillo dipa. So tasty and dry hopped at 12g/L. 8.77% so a sit down beer. Also the few deeds tipa 10.5% and the dipa 9%. Also that's the grain for my citra and hort4337 ipa. Oh hell yes. Happy drinking pissheads
  3. Dinner tonight is a home made mosaic Amarillo dipa. Its delicious. Who needs food when you have beer.
  4. Guys t2 t3 or gold tops. Prices excluding gst but not bad. I have always run bendix ultimates but they seem to smash the rotors. Any other great pad options? Not sure if I just got t2 or gold tops. Might just meet in the middle. Much difference between the gold and t3? Cheers [emoji482][emoji119]
  5. Exactly that's why if anyone knows the part number it might help. Also hoping they just stuffed up haha.
  6. My rotors are shagged on the front of my turbo. Anyone know the DBA t2 322mm part number and what cost I'm looking at. Superchimp said 75 each.
  7. Car has been stalling when coming to a stop. Peice of sh!t. Fvck knows what's up
  8. What would a rebuilt gtx3576r go for. No rear housing
  9. I still have the original voltron with its 5 people just missing two helmets. Form when I was a kid
  10. Sold some rear lights to a guy today. you tuned his car. Slopunk
  11. Mate. Sa is the meth state. Also does your meth shake work out cheaper then pre
  12. I'll probably be in the same boat when they privatize adelaide metro rail. Just started a internal apprenticeship after nearly 11yrs. Fvcking libs
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