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  1. Change the cat as well or better still get a dump pipe. Should go 300rwkw easy with a tune, injectors and pump
  2. UPDATE Car: Bf F6 06 Trans: 6 speed Auto Power: 421rwkw (e85) Boost: 20 psi Intercooler: Stock Induction: No Air Box Turbo: Stock Valve Springs: Stock Exhaust : 3.5 Dump pipe and Cat into standard rear section Fuel system: Intank 460 with FG Craddle Injectors : ID1000 Tuning: XCal 3
  3. Happened to my car once, my old man was taking us to the airport and after dropping us off, took him 2 hours to get home with the car cutting out. Would cool down and run then turn off again as it warmed up again. Never happened again but I figured it was the fuel pump as I hear its a known problem once hot. I do have mods since and a new pump so.
  4. Robos F6


    I suggest you test to see if the valve is really opening when it clicks. (there should be vacuum on both pipes when it is open) Clicking is only a sign that the valve's solenoid coil is healthy. You say your valve is clicking. Do you mean continually? If you park in the sun for 1 hour and then start the engine, the valve should open + close a couple of times at the most.
  5. Whats at Cranbourne? What time does it finish?
  6. Ran my BF F6 at calder tonight, E85 with dump pipe running back into the stock exhaust and using the stock cooler. 390rwkw 1) 11.12 @ 130.1, 1.88 60' 2) 10.99 @ 127.8, 1.67 60' There was more in it but the gearbox shifts on the 2nd run werent the best, especially 3-4 shift. Running ET Streets
  7. I used 2 jacks last time, actually the job isnt that bad at all.
  8. Couldnt quite do it, 11.2@129 was my best
  9. Anyone going with the new track resurface?? I will be out there in a BF F6 hopefully running 10's with a stock cooler, hope its not too hot, lol
  10. Had a awesome E85 tune on a relative stock BF F6 from a Dion at Dynomite
  11. I heard it backed 278rwkw 3 times in a row, must be Melbournes non heat soak weather.
  12. Yeah I am looking for some in Melbourne, VPW are out of stock
  13. Most of these 10 seconds fords are running this combo?? xr6 rims 17*8 with ET Streets 275/40/17?
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