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  1. You won't need the eboost as you can just have a rotary dial on the dash which changes boost settings for you. If you are using the eboost to switch boost levels between gears the Haltech can do that too automatically. It really would be a glorified boost gauge and people really only ever used them because the stock ECU couldn't do what it did. Sell it to fund more stuff for the Haltech like the Racepak dash which replaces all the gauges in the car, Haltech also have a multi gauge that can be hooked up to display data from the ECU from the additional sensors like e85 percentage and fuel pressu
  2. I am definitely up for one of these ECUs. The possibilities are almost endless compared to the stock ECU. The ability to add fuel/oil pressure sensor/wideband o2 sensor to protect your engine which you just spent $10k on is priceless. Going into limp mode when the ECU detects lean outs, automatic tuning based on long term fuel trim and applying those self learned maps to the base tune. Rally anti lag to stay on boost between gears, flat shifting, traction control that actually works and is adjustable to infinity settings AND have a switch/rotary dial to select different traction control/boost
  3. I am going to try the Pirelli Pzero Corsa, Tempe has them cheap and they are 60 treadwear. Should be very sticky.
  4. Do the fuel lines of the FG rail connect directly to the BAs?
  5. I didn't expect to see a huge power gain. What you have said is the opposite of what I have experienced. Can't tell the difference at idle/off boost but can certainly tell the difference on boost when the voltage is increased.
  6. Do you mean with a small spark gap? They were gapped to 0.7mm before installing the kit.
  7. I fitted one of these on the weekend as well, kept the coils and plugs but regapped them to 1.0-1.1mm. At idle I don't think I really notice any difference. But when it comes on boost you can feel the extra spark when the unti turns on. It is run off a hobbs switch which I think ups the coil voltage at 5psi. I can actually feel it up the voltage. There is definitely more urge in power delivery and the engine sounds different, better. Boost hits very hard now, whereas before I would sometimes get traction in first with traction control on now it just spins up the rears. I was skeptical but am c
  8. HI PSI, you still got that option 5 for sale? Option 5 is then only one useful to me. $1700 for a second hand clutch is far too much. Can get a brand new Xtreme twin organic rated to 600rwkw for that much new with warranty. Get me on PM if you are serious about selling.
  9. HI PSI, you still got that option 5 for sale?
  10. I can drive around in first gear now and not get any drive line lash at all that I can feel. Just power on and power off, no bouncing and jerking. I think that is why there is more traction, no on and off jerking, just smooth transition from coasting to power.
  11. Just got the car back after having the Independent Motorsports twin bush diff hat installed....wow what an improvement. Very little clunk and barely any drveline lash in a manual is something I haven't experienced in this car since it was stock. I have solid front bushes on the front mounts of the diff as well. It even seemed to have more traction under power. It's nice to know the diff never has to come out again and really only for an extra $400 over the price of a steel hat upgrade.
  12. I just ordered the same twin bush kit from Independent Motorsports. Getting it fitted. My cradle will be out for the fifth time....I think this will be the last time. If this were available years ago it would have paid for itself twice over.
  13. Car: 2005 XR6T BA Mk2 Trans: 6 speed manual Turbo: stock with 12 pound actuator Boost: 18 PSI down to 17 PSI Valve springs: Atomic Cooler: Rapid intercooler with hot and cold side piping, standard inlet manifold Fueling: Herrod intank Exhaust: XForce 4" dump, 5" cat, twin 2.5" Power: 356RWKW Tuner: CV Performance XCAL4
  14. Don't know if that one is any good. I got a Speco brand kit but have not yet fitted it.....but looking like I will get some time over the next couple of weeks.....time previous to that has just been my laziness!
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