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  1. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

    pretty sure fg sumps don't need to be hole sawed to fit the the 16mm studs
  2. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

    the rear of the sump to clear the studs I pissed the kazza off runs a wavetrac lsd rated to 1500hp now
  3. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

  4. Constant Diff Bolt Breakage

    I went all out got the diff technics cv's as well after 1 track day the kazza lsd decided to sh*t its self for the 4th time in 6 years time for a wavetrac
  5. Happy Birthday RIP85!

  6. there gapped to.55 my tuner spoke to herrod about this issue its happened with other cars a well.
  7. be careful with the Herod spark boosters have had them advance the timing on my motor and this hasn't been the only case of this happening. We have ended up just gapping the plugs down and disconnecting it altogether
  8. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

    well I ended up upgrading the rear instead of going haltech. 1400hp axles twin diff bush setup adjustable upper control arms with cat600 front bushes and superpro bushes everywhere else. hopefully in next couple months get 17's with some mt's and hit willow
  9. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    1400hp axles
  10. Engine Re Build

    touch wood 1000rwhp through a t56 no drams yet maybe clutch issues but that's a different story
  11. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

    standard never changed looking at the 1400hp ones now depending on if I need to go haltech or not
  12. Rip85 1011 @ 31Psi

    Commo Spec Brah had to get my bogan on.
  13. Engine Re Build

    why spend the dosh on a bottom end to put a sh*tty top end on it just imagine dropping a valve and having to do it all again. I didn't take the risk and would never for the price of a strip down and inspection

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