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I still haven’t used my tuner need 😂. Being sitting on the desk for 8 months 😬


Question thou, would you expect to see any knock on e85? Will a car knock at all on ethanol?

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If I believed that was your genuine stand point on that statement then yeh it’s a candle steam boat 

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So yerp didn't achieve a whole lot today. Did some tuning and compared in virtual dyno. Giant pita coming inside, chopping and adjusting data, then going back out to the car, driving then coming back inside, plugging and unplugging the laptop and wideband logger etc  :thumbdown:


Still running minimum boost but with some boost control to keep it as consistent as possible.


I can feel a very very slight surging on boost and it's not the boost control or anything tune related.


It got marginally worse once I added 40 litres of E85 to the third of a tank that was already 3/4 E85.


This leads me to think it's not lighting off properly and cos I cbf pulling the coil cover twice I didn't bother with plugs today.


I'll update when I get the coils in next week with the new plugs.


Gonna go and buy some beer now and let my brain relax from all the looking at data :hammerhead:

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