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Did some tuning today. Apparently gapping the plugs did the trick cos straight away it ran up 605awkw with no tune changes.   I frigged around with fuel and boost and this and that, and mana

Here's the graph. I had to run it in 3rd to get a number as I was hitting a speed limiter in 4th and was too tardled to work out how to remove it. I disabled it in the vid block, changed it in the tun

Got to the dyno today and it went pretty much as I expected. The exhaust showed to be a huge restriction but we all knew that anyway. The first run right off the bat showed 367awkw on 16psi and

Posted Images

So yerp as mentioned yesterday, I broke the stock motor and rebuilt it with stronger internals and a few other bits and pieces to help it go better.

While it was fairly stock it was running 18psi, gen2 gtx3582r and e85. It misfired a couple of times at high rpm and sent the bore, piston and rod through the exhaust.

I sourced a na territory engine for $350 from the wreckers and pulled it down for inspection. Although it had 145xxxkm on it, the bearings were shagged and the head needed welding. After getting the run around for 3 months from a machine shop I picked up my half done job, went elsewhere and a few days later started assembly.

Bottom end is na territory block/sump (no oil cooler derp), spool drag pro rods and standard size bullet cp pistons w/ upgraded pins, has a girdle/machined caps, boundary oil pump gears and relief/pressure mods w/some sorta backplate, 360 thrust, atomic timing chain/guides and flex plate, ross balancer etc. Recon bf turbo head/valves, crow springs/retainers, stock territory turbo cams/gears, 1mm cometic head gasket.

The gtx turbine wheel got chewed up, so have swapped the gen2 back plate, comp wheel and cover over to the stock chra with a ported rear housing/larger flapper, and an 11.8psi garret actuator @JETURBO sent me a few years ago.

Plaz territory front mount with plaz intake top half. Bosch 1000's, 460 intank w/ modded pot, turbosmart fpr800. Upgraded cat section w/ stock catback and sorta fg looking "stock" dump, 4 inch intake w/ 9 inch k&n filter w/ battery under the guard.

I also chucked in a 4 bar boost sensor and have PCMTec switching from the tmap to the boost sensor at about 18psi so I can tune it properly up to about 30psi.

It runs whatever (open loop) boost on the day but mostly 21psi on 98....

Until today, when I chucked in quarter of a tank of E85 and adjusted the boost to run 25psi the whole way to redline. Holy crap it pulls pretty good now. :oooh:

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Good write up mate ! 

What machine shop gave you the run around ? 

Did you put the engine together or outsource it ? How’s the ZF going with the new power ?

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Thanks mate.


It was a northern suburbs shop. They also gave me the head back after it had been decked etc with a mark on the face, so I had to pay to get it decked again.


Chris Milton did the rest of the machine work and had it sorted in a few days.


I put it together myself in the lounge room. I didn't put enough glue into a rear corner of the sump so had to drop the front sub-frame in the driveway to fix it up. Haha all the fun, I don't recommend it!


The zf has been fine at 21psi on 98 but after turning it up today the shift quality changed for the worse slightly. Maybe some higher pressures will fix it, but realistically I'll have some fun with this tank of fuel and turn it down again. I have some upgraded clutches so that might help it but that's not on the cards right now.

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I chucked the territory on a dyno today to check it. Despite having boost there, fuel there and timing there it fell over just after 4000 rpm. I made a virtual dyno graph from my road tuning to compare and it falls over in the same spot, although the numbers were different.


Does it still go like fark? Yes it does, but for now I'm turning it right down until I get a few things sorted.


1: New iridium plugs.

2: New coils.

3: Exhaust upgrade.


I've ordered the first two and they'll arrive later in the week or early next week. As for the exhaust, I've got a venom 4 inch dump with cat section that will fit up to the front of the car but I'll have to sort something else out for the middle and or rear sections.

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Standard size pistons slipped into a torque plate honed bore. Luckily the bores were perfectly round etc in this block. Top ring 22 thou, second ring 28 thou in case you wanted to know.


Oh that reminds me, I've gotta sort out a catch can asap.


58 minutes ago, JETURBO said:



cummmoooonnnnnn , Show us the Dyno sheet lol, Can’t say all that then not show us hahah 

I didn't get one cos ain't no point having a sheet that shows how much the car sucks! However to not totally blue ball everyone the dyno showed 290kw at about 4000rpm. The virtual dyno sheet shows 395kw at 4300 then drops out the arse coming back up to just over 300kw.


The numbers make it seem slower than it is but then again a dyno number, real or virtual, is just a number


It does go from 0 to 100 in about 4.6 seconds though so you can kinda guess the power from that.

This is from a few days ago on the highway.

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Its not about how much it sucked but a great way to share and look at what it did, why it did it and what options you have to rectify... it’s a good thing you’ve made the effort to get it on a Dyno... I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again the street is about good for 1/2 a tune tops. The Dyno is a bloody expensive tuning tool and should be used accordingly !!


would love to see what it did and where it did it as I’ve got a TT coming in soon for mods and not much to compare it too when it does ;) 


what tune shop did you go to, what Dyno ?

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 I can get the dyno sheet, they still have my file on record, but I want to fix at least the ignition side of things then go back down and recheck it, this time with a back pressure sensor in the nbo2 location. I think I'll head down again on Saturday, providing the parts arrive before then.


I can send you my tune and logs if you're keen for a peek.


I went to Towler Mechanical, I think they have a DD dyno there but I don't really know much about dynos.

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I’m surprised you didn’t want it for reference, you paid for it obviously as ol Bill does zero for love haha 


Definitely don’t let Towler touch it though lol ;) Yeh he has an older DD AWD 


It’s my golden rule on any B series, no new coil packs and plugs, no Dyno

been there stuffed around with that way too many times !

Always here if you want me to have a gander mate :) 

Without even looking at it 21 psi on 98 with 300 @ 4000rpm seems a big chunk too much boost, use the Dyno to dial in efficiency throughout the tune, this is the point of a calibrated tuning tool. No guessing required 

Edited by JETURBO
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I figured that since I could see it falling over on the dyno, I'd see what I can fix and then head back to compare. I just wanted to see what it made today so no tuning was done. I will be sure to get a copy when it's working properly! :)


The plugs are very new ngk coppers and down to 0.55 but I used old coils. They didn't have much use on them but they have been sitting for a few years.


I know that I'm asking a lot from a slightly modified exhaust system and if the new coils and plugs don't pick it up to where it should be then the back pressure test should tell the tale. I'll be sure to organise a longer session and drop the exhaust next time if needed.


Just now, Admin (as if) said:

how far are you from azza puff ? 


Just up the road pretty much, maybe a 45 minute drive.

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Nah we’re in the CBD basically now, Living around the corner from the two new Houses we are having built that we’ve got going on so the day’s of hill sprints through Greenwith are gone lol 


Get the most out of it Puffy, go some bit and pieces, take some tools and make ol Bill work for ya ;) 


Get that love bus movin !

Edited by JETURBO
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Well this old horse finally drank the water. I honestly wouldn't have known how hard the car was falling over if it wasn't for the dyno.


So yerp I turned the boost down as far as it would go, about 16psi, and retuned it using virtual dyno in conjunction with the PCMTec data logger, to help get a better looking graph.


Talk about time consuming! I had to learn some excel functions cos the data wasn't in a friendly format but after sorting that, I think I made some solid tune gains. Thank fark for partial writes with PCMTec!


Here's a pic of the previous high boost (in green), first low boost pull this morning in blue and what I ended up with this arvo in red.


The blue and red are both on the same boost level (16psi give it take), green had roughly 8 pounds more but much less timing.


I used 6 smoothing to closer reflect the actual dyno numbers I saw the other day. Either way as long as I stick with the same settings I can measure the changes.


I think it's fair to say the exhaust is the issue but I'll see what happens with new genuine coils and plugs.



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