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  1. 4321

    The 32-Year-Old Modification Virgin

    AS regard's the different programs , pcmtec is always adding different parramerters such as boost in gear (from the sprint) , flex fuel etc… a lot of these options are not available on the others. They are the only mob who are actively developing their system for the (now discontinued ) falcon. Why would the yanks spend time developing their systems for a tiny (diminishing ) market? You could buy S/hand venom cat, herrod air filter , even intercooler but I would buy the injectors & fuel pump new. (a word of advice -buy bigger than what you think you need. you'll see the sense in this next round of modifications!) The exhaust doesn't really need to be changed just the cat. A mates got khumo ku39's on his F6 & they stick better than my PS4's at half the price!
  2. 4321

    Ba xr6t extremely pitted cams.

    Just remember that wreckers can't sell NA motors, nobody wants them. When my mate was wrecking them (he had a taxi workshop ) he used to get $50 each for scrap complete mtrs , he only ever bought low km cars & in the end he just left the mtrs in the wreck & took the body to scrap.Like he said why have 60 mtrs when you might sell 2 a year
  3. 4321

    Ba xr6t extremely pitted cams.

    Unfortunately normal, FG cams are supposed to be better, NA & turbo are same. Try & get a FG NA engine should be lower k's & better head, just put the turbo exhaust valves in it (they have a O cast on them & are supposed to be harder) Turbo's have stronger valve springs but not strong enough. BA's have 'glass rods' ( as jet described them) so maybe some second hand FG turbo ones if you can find them. A decent set of oil pump gears if the budget allows wouldn't go astray either. Use the timing assembly out of the FG engine it's a bit better.
  4. Did you try another set of coils? they really hate getting wet. I've lost count of how many sets we change after people wash their motors & the car comes in with a miss (or backfire on old gas systems ) you said its worse on gas which to me screams ignition problem (if you buy coils we only use genuine ford as they are a known quality)
  5. 4321

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    It's your money but unless you want to do things twice go with jets recommendation. All your really buying is the block, pistons & rods. Everything else gets binned. Ring him & discuss what you want out of the vehicle, give him your budget & take his advice very seriously. He's honest & he knows what he's talking about
  6. 4321

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Having rebuilt my engine, I reckon they're good value considering the stuff that's inside them & they give warranty! (ask how much warranty you get any where else 'no warranty on high performance engines' is the standard reply. And you get to sell your old mtr . There's one on gumtree in Sydney, 698 for 10 big ones (do your research, $3500 just for the Cosworth pistons! )
  7. The whole pump & cradle is the way to go, but check that you have a late bf/fg tank in it. There's a plastic piece of pipe (?) underneath that the hole should be enlarged so as not to impede the return flow The new cradle will already (should have) this done. The pressure reg has to be drilled out (or a new 'high flow' one) The problem with excess fuel rail pressure always seems to be because the fuel cannot return to the tank quick enough because of in built restrictions
  8. Or get a bf turbo ecu , bcm, dash cluster, key & barrell, bf turbo engine loom & it should start up thinking it's still in the other car
  9. 4321

    FG Inlet Manifold gasket

    FG na is different
  10. There's a white sticker on the side of the gearbox with a code on it. you have to have the same code on the new gearbox or it won't work .Only ZF can recode the megatronics unit, ford can't. If you can find the right gearbox you can (with the car on a hoist) plug the new gearbox into the car & check that you can clear the codes (the wires are long enough to reach the other gearbox) If your new gearbox is good the codes will clear & stay away. This takes the guess work out of 'will it fix it' before you go to all the trouble of fitting it
  11. 4321

    Car overheating - A/C shuts off

    Also check your A/C condenser is not blocked with crud, & you are running the plastic plate under the frount bumper? Are both fans running flat out with A/C on? Could the radiator be partially blocked- remember air has to get in as well as out when you say flushed do you mean removed & flushed at a radiator place?
  12. 4321

    Rear o2 Sensor BF Tyhpoon

    Or get a bung welded in just before the cat. Like k31th said, the rear 02 sensor is for the ecu to check how well the cat is working. (which is not very well with most aftermarket cats) The cats are less resistive which is why the car goes' better (until it overboosts & buggers the engine)
  13. Gas is higher octane than petrol (amongst other things) which means it's harder to light (needs more spark). So if it is worse on gas I would be looking at a spark issue. (if it was a engine problem it would be exactly the same, a fuel issue you would expect it to do it on 1 fuel not the other) Try a new set of ford gas plugs (they're cheap @$70 a set)
  14. 4321

    Misfiring Issue

    Put a boost guage on it & take it for a drive. Should go to 6-7 psi. If it go's over the ecu will see it's over boosting & do exactly that to prevent engine damage. Then get a new actuator fitted if all the hose's are still on
  15. 4321

    Overboost on stock BF1

    Check that the turbo actuator diaphragm is not leaking, not uncommon fault with cars this old. It needs boost to open the waste gate & if the actuator is leaking it needs even more boost before it opens & starts bypassing the exhaust flow. Like k31th said, leave it at your own peril

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