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  1. Had one leak around where the wiring goes into themodule, only when full. I changed the module instead of trying to fix it. can't take module out with more than half tank or fuel goes everywhere
  2. 4321


    It has no clip on it , its design is to slide on & off as the icc is installed/removed. or in other words your not pulling hard enough!
  3. should'nt hurt anything (but had 2 cars come in with O2 sensor problems after this) unfortunatly not a uncommon problem with people not being carefull- most likely got the craps from a flat battery. most were cabs with indian drivers
  4. does the 'seat of pants' feel of the CF shaft relate to mesurable performance benefits? ie lower 1/4 mile times?
  5. FGX dash's are different to fg dash's. it has to do with some info from the HVAC being displayed on the display instead of the ICC. FG & FG2 clusters are not interchangable. what you want is a FPV cluster which has the boost guage (only reads to 1 bar ) and oil temp. The signals are available in the data stream so no aditional sensors are required. There is no difference between the 6 & 8cyl cluster, its in the programing. If you get a S/H cluster just try & match your km's as I don't think you can lower the reading (but I'm sure that dodgy car yards know how to do it)
  6. You can make fg one's fit, just use the old top bolt. R&L are different
  7. The stock actuator is 5-6 lbs, which means (sort of) it will open around that If you've fitted a 12lb actuator it reqires around 12 psi to open (vent exhaust gas around the turbine to stop making more boost) this is a mechanical thing not much you can do about without a stock actuator and/or a tune . put a pressure guage on it to see what pressure it opens at. or wire it open & take it for a drive, should have no boost and no 'boost cut' , no power but at least no broken mtr
  8. I've had ones like this where I had to bleed it at the ABS module first (module had air in it & this was the easiest way to get air out of it)
  9. good that you sorted that but change the ignition switch before it fails completely (the back falls off) another column or repair kit
  10. I would look at somehow getting that weght down. I have seen a number of these bend behind the cabin!
  11. that's what I run, just remember yhat theyre only 2 walbro 225's. never had a problem but never tracked it either
  12. ball joints on a fg are not replacable, but your problem sounds like the shock absorbers are not absorbing the 'shock '(energy from the bump). remember they are 10 years old now!
  13. perhaps try his brother, he advertise's as' fpv joe on' gumtree' can get a phone no. from there
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