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  1. yes , unpluged the connector & there was fuel in there. fitted another module but I reckon the wiring connector could have been changed out of the old module.
  2. I had one that leaked from where the wiring went the the pump module housing.
  3. the speedo signal in abs vehicles is calculated from the wheel sensors not from the gearbox (obvious gear box is from non abs vehicle) . get a couple of spare gearbox's , your gunna need them
  4. Who in sydney can do a 6r80 zf? looked on monsta torque site $8500 for billet shaft rebuild. precision quoted $5000 for similar(but $8500 for 6r80 without convertor)
  5. I agree, you would be always thinking 'what if I'd ...' you have the time and equipment just do it! even if it adds only 1kw it's better than watching tv!
  6. compare the offset of your original centre bearing to the new tailshaft ,there are 2 offsets available as well as spacers to lower the shaft even more. you want to get the frount of the tailshaft as straight as possible, or take it to a driveshaft specialist (like hardy spicer ) last thing you want is vibrations or premature wear of the coupling
  7. the icc will work you just have to use the passengers side controls to control the temp & vents.
  8. I agee with jet, had a couple of tunes from joe, minor problem with cold start on E85 , he couldn't do enough to help. just give him a call & see if it can be sorted.
  9. It's proberly to late now, but why didn't you go to the wreckers & get good panels in the colour you wanted? ( I reckon white would have been dead easy to find) that'll save you painting the inside of them at least.
  10. air is usually introduced in to the system by a faulty master cyl/ resovoir (remotely mounted in this case) . If there are any 'leaks' in the system it will be leaking fluid after the master cyl as it is pressurized after this point. Most likly the master cyl leaking air into the system on the return cycle (tried very hard not to say return stroke!)
  11. Powerglide, C/F tailshaft 'factory' diff (IRS) 1400hp axels!! I think there's a lot more to that under the back of the car but that's all they're saying.
  12. It's just a tin plate (sort of) ford parts people refer to it as a 'tractor seat' . It's held to seat rail by13mm nuts, once you've changed one over you relaise the hardest part is getting the seat out! Last time I checked the metal plate was about $90 (about 4 years ago!) but the foam was nearly $300! that's why I suggested a S/H p/ side seat to get a less used foam, but the XR foam is different to XT or Fairmont The tin plate is the same on all of them
  13. Pretty common, steel base is the same L&R , find a used passengers seat & change it over- the covers just clip on & use the foam from the doner (passengers seat should have less wear). pretty simple job.
  14. no there not . You have to use the BCM (box on the bottom that the 5 wiring plugs go into) that comes with the car. at least it will start then, but you need someone with a scan tool to code the radio to get that to work, then if yours is single zone A/C & the new one is dual zone..... a lot of work (dash out to get it to work properly) but any thing can be done! they will accept a reversing camera. Have you looked at a KAYHAN icc, more $ but heaps less work!
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