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  1. You have to have the codes to try to work out whats wrong. I think autobarn will read codes but a cheap scanner is proberly the way to go $80 and you own it, while it wont do everything they're easy to use & you only pay once. If it's boost related is the exhaust std?
  2. There's a restriction in the fuel return at the bottom of the pump module that has to be enlarged
  3. Or diff needs rebuild (quality's pretty poor from new- that's why they have soft diff bush's to minimize noise being transferred to cabin =warranty claim)
  4. Or blow by from broken ring lands
  5. 4321

    Ford Upholstery

    The original wheel would have been supplied by roman autotec (RAT global now) they sometimes have specials on their website of old stock (I bought a blue leather steering wheel for my AU years ago) Worth a look
  6. Wasn't jet doing remote tuning at one stage? (don't know if he's got time or inclination)
  7. Check that the pins in the tail light are not bent where you plug them in (done that before!)
  8. If it has a different fuel pump it might have to much fuel pressure (there are 2 restrictions in the return setup) get the fuel pressure checked before you try to fix a hardware problem with a software fix
  9. Gutting the cat always makes it louder. They will act as a muffler (sort of). a straight peice of pipe should be welded inside the gutted cat for better air flow. Years ago our local exhaust place used to sell convertor shells that welded onto a straight peice to make it look like it had a cat there
  10. There's also a cv joint at the back of the tail shaft. Perhaps you could take it to a transmission specialist for a diagnosis before you start throwing parts at it?
  11. Whatever tune you get it will have to be licensed to the vin. you only pay once for this licence no matter how many different motors you fit. Of course the tune will be different but the licence will be the same. So your not paying for a whole tune package everytime
  12. Through work we use Bears at st marys , diff trans at windsor is good but you need 2 wallets. Joe at hoontune recomends someone around granville, give him a ring
  13. Are you going to look at it or drive it (they dont compare to modern cars) ? They do have a 'presence' on the road but there not that good to drive and by modern standards they lack performance, braking & handling. Time has well & truly caught up with them. Proberly 'might be an investment though
  14. Does the noise change with throttle input (diff) does it vary with side load (going around corners) wheel bearings, as you vary the load going around corners ie a hardleft turn will put weight on the right wheel bearing and the noise will change. tailshaft problems are 'usually' acompanied by vibrations.Axels you can get from repco for about $200 each, they look stronger (thicker) than genuine but they are about the same with better warranty than ford. I'm thinking its the diff but it could be as simple as exhaust touching or stuffed diff bush's. Get some one to drive while you sit in the back & try to zero in on where the noise is comimg from

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