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  1. Abs , Brake , Traction Lights + No Speedo?

    Yeah, seen it before, new ford gas plugs & ford coils fix's it nearly every time!
  2. Fuel pump upgrade

    KPM sell a wiring kit to do this, plug & play.
  3. Not really to late now, but if you look at the head stud washers they're not wide enough, maybe wonder off to a bolt place & see if you can find better fitting ones (Atomic sell them & I think they give the size on their website)

    Sounds like a lack of power. Check fuse's under the bonnet & in the cabin. Pull the shroud of the coloum & poke around the back of the ignition switch to see if you have power going in & out. Check that there is 12v at injectors with ignition on. The body control module that k31th was trying to get you to check is between the two arrows on a ba bf in his picture but on the fg it sits vertical behind the RH arrow With limited knowledge there's only so much you can do, I know it's more money but get a professional to look at it before it drives you mad!

    FG,s don't have the BCM in with the icc it's on the drivers side sort of next to the coloum. They'll run without a icc (unlike a BA BF) Find a mobile auto elec. or get it towed to them Where you at, could recommend a falcon workshop once we know that
  6. Yes it will work, but... (Iv'e seen it before but it looks like crap & I dont know if it will cause problems with a roadworthy)
  7. Pedders XA coilovers

    Mate bought a FG F6 with pedders coilovers fitted, I was surprised at how well it rode (irrespective that it was way to low!). while they looked fairley new the LR shock started knocking & then leaked, pedders wanted nearly $300 for another shock & said they were non rebuildable. I have shockworks on my fg & while I've had no problems even with them turned down they ride FIRM but it handles a lot better than stock & bump control is miles better. The pedders turned down was as good as a new G6E!
  8. Module programming

    Give 'fpv joe" on gumtree a ring, right up his alley 0421 489 469 blacktown
  9. GT3576r Exact Full Specs

    John at precision in Wetherill park
  10. Upgrading Fuel Pump

    If you change the fuel pressure you have to change the tune. The stock reg has to be changed (or modified) to suit the increased volume of fuel it has to pass
  11. Are you using Meth?

    But as you modify the vehicle your going to have to change the cooler anyway....

    Perhaps you should look at even bigger injectors if your thinking of trying E85 down the track Talk to your tuner to see what they suggest. There should be no reason why they can't get the bigger injectors to behave perfectly ( I say this because this is where I'm at, changing stuff for even bigger stuff! )
  13. Try disconnecting the battery ( I've had more luck just disconnecting the big wiring plug at the bottom of the fuse box) for 30 min & have every appendage crossed when you reconnect it. If that doesn't work (A) go to ford & whinge about it & if your lucky they will pay half (still $1000! ) (B) a second hand one (still between $600-1000) (C) or bin it & try a kayhan screen conversion

    If you get them cleaned & flow tested there's more money, getting close to new price with NO warranty Usually new one's come with wiring plug adaptors which you'll have to source as well as the injector data for your tuner
  15. G6E adjustable coil overs

    The shockworks kit is designed & sold by a ex ford engineer It is generally not recommended to change the sway bars. The kit works well & you can adjust the ride height without losing suspension travel & ride. Ivé yet to hear of anyone who is not happy with this product & if needed down the track the shocks can be modified/ rebuilt (which pedders can't)

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