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  1. Yeah she's been sorted, I've removed the filter out of the banjo bolt for my inline oil filter and braided lines.
  2. I have discovered that it is simply just an alarm 😂
  3. On further inspection to this I've seen that my brake master cylinder reservoir rubber cap isn't sealing correctly, is this my issue?
  4. G'day all, I was removing my negative battery lead and once I had done that a buzzing sound had started at where it sounds like my brake booster. I do have an adjustable pedal option as well so I'm not sure if that's the noise. When I put the negative lead back on it stops. Is there Gunna be any issues with me just taking the negative lead off or am I just overthinking the sound. Cheers Dylan
  5. Oh I'll hang onto it for sure 😅, it's just to get my ba running again so I can stop borrowing the missus car haha.
  6. To be honest I have no idea. https://www.turbochargersplus.com/turbocharger-ford-falcon-xr6-g6e-f6e-gt3582-high-flow-billet-impeller-upgrade/#tab-description this is what and where I purchased it.
  7. Wow awesome, that's super convenient cheers for all the help
  8. Sweet as they're practically identical to those specs. A bit of a side note is there a rule of thumb of how much oil to prime the new turbo with. Cheers for all the help 🙂
  9. Thanks for the reply so fast 😃, how would I be able to find the specifications for the factory turbo? I'll send supplier an email now for the specs 😀
  10. G'day all, I'm new to the turbo world and am seeking such much needed advice. I own a 2003 ba xr6t and when after purchasing sight unseen (I know don't hate me haha) have discovered my turbo is cooked. I have purchased a GT3582r from turbochargersplus and a new oil feed line as I'm certain that is the cause of the issue. I can't find any info if the boost control will be the same as factory and if once installed will I have to straight away to get it tuned. I am worried about the turbo overboosting and causing me more grief. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Cheers Dylan
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