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  1. Hey mate no I didnt need the fronts rolled at all & your correct 6 Pot Brembos on the front with plenty of clearance Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. Car: 2010 FG XR6T Trans: Monsta Torque stage 3 6R80 ZF 3200-3500 rpm stally, Under chassis mounted trans cooler with fan Power: 390rwkw on 98, 437rwkw on E85 Boost: 20 psi Induction: Process West 4" Race intake Intercooler: Process West stage 2 Turbo: Procharge ProGTX-62, 12psi actuator, 39mm flapper Engine: Valve Springs, Head Studs, Ross Racing balancer, Yella Terra flex plate dowelled to the crank Exhaust: Huricane 4" dump 3.5" cat back Fuel setup: Xpurt 1000cc injectors, Walbro 460Lph intank pump Driveline: G&J Drivelines Pro Shaft, DSS 800hp rated half shafts Suspension: Tein coilovers all round, superpro bushes through out, IMS twin bush hat Wheels/Tyres: 18x9.5 all round, 245-40 F&R Yokohama AD08R Semi Slicks Brakes: Brembo 6 pots Front, FPV Pbr upgraded rear all in Black Tuning software: SCT X4 Tuner: Profile Autosports Capped at 437rwkw with the single intank pump will go a surge, reg & rail next year & push for more power possibly some bigger injectors as well the car is my daily but I enjoy taking it out to QR for early morning roll racing events Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  3. I started out wanting them the same as work wheels bronze but ended up custom mixing till we got the paint looking good & then ceramic coating once the paint had cured
  4. No problems mate that's what the forums are for just a FYI my rims arent the Rota bronze ive had mine custom painted to my desire Where did you order from?
  5. The +35 sits in slightly but comfortably takes a 275 with no scrubbing 500hp used to be my end figure but the goal posts have moved
  6. I run my 18x9.5 +18's all the time you may fit a 255 maybe a 265 the 245's do the job but at the track when its cold they struggle abit with 400rwkw It looks better with the same offset all round & gives you the ability to rotate the tyres for more even wear
  7. Yeah mate I actually have a 2nd pair of Rota Grids that are 9.5 +35 which I can use for track days & throw on some semis in a 275 or 285 but to run the 9.5 +18 I had to have the rear gaurds professionally rolled
  8. He took a few shots inside as well They poke a little but fly under the radar It wasn't a planned photo session my detailer was working in the workshop in the background & decided to take a few shots when he ran the car outside but 100% id have the tyres wiped clean for sure [emoji1690]
  9. I run 18x9.5 +18 all round with a 245-40-18 On Tein super street coilovers
  10. Sorry never got pics of the 700hp shafts as I was working while the car was having upgrades done but these are the best pics I got I gave Ray a hand to drop the diff then had to go so never seen the shafts or wavetrac before fitting
  11. Left outer cv And it was a 700hp rated shaft apparently someone over tightened it im not sure if that is a legitimate issue though or not
  12. that's good to know ive been running the 700hp rated shafts for the last 3 years daily driven & plenty of roll racing events But I haven broken 1 shaft back when the car had 324rwkw on the baby turbo
  13. Yeah cheers for the reply I figured this out through investigating a little deeper XR50's are the go to for sure its alot of work otherwise
  14. Im after some info if anyone has successfully fitted G6E side mirrors with the indicator to an FG XR6 & got full use of the electric mirror adjustment or are they no good because of the memory function? Or am I better off just getting the XR50 set without memory function?
  15. I'm running Nulon 80w 140 Full synthetic as per Ray at Western suburbs diffs & gearbox's instructions in Brisbane as he gives the wavetrac his lifetime warranty
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