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  1. MR_FG_09

    Hurricane Exhausts

    I have a hurricane 3.5" still havent fitted to my FG but good quality, slightly dearer than X FORCE but u get what you pay for
  2. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Thanks for your help burkey trouble is I have to wait 28 days to get home from work to try it out again, im pretty sure 221674 was the PID I had working last too
  3. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Yeah learnt from that mistake a couple of times trying a few different pid's but all have the same name ☺
  4. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Ok which pid are you using the ford predefined ones or custom?
  5. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Yeah same version mate
  6. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Im using Android version 4.4.2 if that helps & latest version of torque as it just updated the other day
  7. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    Yeah mate tried it many times now its getting frustrating as I can get the EOT Working bang on
  8. MR_FG_09

    Project Mu Ns 400

    Anyone tracked their car with the NS400's fitted?
  9. MR_FG_09

    6 Spot Brembos Fg

    Calipers look sweet mate I went the 6 pot blacks on the fronts still have the standard rears but probably just go the PBR single rear upgrade myself
  10. MR_FG_09

    Android App "torque" Tips And Tricks ?

    I cant get the TFT to work anymore since my S4 had the latest update, before flawlessly ive tried each method, custom PID's I can get the EOT to work no worries with the(((A*256)+B)*5)/74-16 Formula but no luck at all with TFT, any advice to fix this?
  11. MR_FG_09

    Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    Yeah they definitely have a bronze tint to them I bought mine in the hope for the gun metal colour fitted to my viper FG
  12. MR_FG_09

    In The Club

    Keep us posted on the oil cooler mate prob be keen on a group buy if it goes ahead
  13. MR_FG_09

    In The Club

    Having a go at extreme karting there mate, did u get any good lap times in?
  14. MR_FG_09

    In The Club

    I run sumitomo's on the front of my FG definitely better grip than the Achilles ATR'S, Nexen N6000, Hankook Ventus K110's & Kumho Ku31's I've tried in the past mate

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