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  1. Took your advice but couldnt get it put so I pushed it until I thought itd break but they snapped into place. Just needed some encouragement haha thanks keith
  2. Oh no problem. I have tried to remove the air vent on topnof the dash that demystifies the windshield. I have pried out a few of the clips but not all of them. Now I can’t clip it in again and I’m afraid I might snap off the clips if I put pressure. not sure how to remove it and reinstall it
  3. Hey guys, I checked the haynes manual and no luck. Ive tried to remove the front demister vent but I couldnt and now I cant reinstall it, its no longer flish andnibcant clip it in cant find any youtube videos or anything on how to fix this now. Any advice?
  4. New DBA Street Performance Slotted Discs (T2) and matching Pads, fine for around town. I was breaking them in, did a few 60-20 stops, a couple hard stops from 100/140 to 40 or so, all separated by around 3 minutes, followed by a very hard stop from 180 to 10. It was more than they could handle. Needed to cool them off, and until they cooled off they were spongy and required a lot of extra foot pedal pressure to stop the car. For the way I drive, I'll be going a better brake system next time. If you want an upgrade from stock for regular people driving, these are fine. For more aggressive driving, no. Maybe they're still breaking in. The discs are now multi coloured from heat so either this was beyond their capabilities or I've over-cooked them before breaking them in enough 🤷‍♂️
  5. Sounds like this is a common issue. Could it be a fuse that isn't quite broken? Otherwise could it be a damaged wire?
  6. Great advice, thanks. I'll grab some lines to be safe and watch out for idiots and kangaroos. We'll see how I go with the restraint though... I will try to behave
  7. I thought that might be the case - it's an Australian car so I'd imagine they're built for Australian roads and climate
  8. Has anyone had any experience of driving in the outback with their turbo falcon? I've got an FG xr6t and hoping to take it to Broken Hill. There are some dirt roads that are 2wd appropriate but I'm wondering how it'll do in those conditions, and in the heat. Any experience on this forum?
  9. When I plug in the OBDii+ sensor, two things happen: 1. Traction Control turns off and a warning comes on saying DSC fault 2. When I get on boost, the boost is cut completely. If I turn off the car and unplug the sensor, all works fine again. My car is tuned so I'm thinking that the parameters are all different to factory, causing issues. So for example with 2, when it exceeds the factory set boost, it cuts boost. But an OBDii+ sensor should surely not cause that? And it's not going into limp mode, just cutting boost. Any ideas?
  10. Second to the comment earlier about xForce sitting too low - mine isn't lowered but will scrape the bottom and it's only the 3.5inch - the 4 inch would surely be worse. It's stainless steel and does sound good though
  11. I can speak for mine I have standard dump, high flow cat, 3inch xforce It's a smooth tone, on the loud side when it idles, sometimes pops on high rpm gear changes (more when it was stock) and under WOT it's a loud, smooth tone. Sounds like an inline 6 motor my mate has an xforce 4inch, louder. He has a split from the last muffler. One side is say 0.5m the other split is about 0.7m. This difference in length causes the exhaust gasses to escape at different times, creating a rumbling sound - think V8 instead of a smooth and balanced i6
  12. Try asking RVO if their Stage 2 can handle that power? I don't know about your engine rods/pistons - maybe someone knows how those hold up under 500kw
  13. that answers me exactly. It's possible to have lower torque with over 400kw. I've got about that much torque with 320kw currently how does it drive mate? how do you feel the higher power with lower torque figures? what's it like?
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