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  1. Sweet bro is that like getting it scanned at shop or something? Thanks for your help appreciate it man!
  2. Its at 12.50v when engines off ive pulled alternator out of my other one today and switched them over
  3. Does anyone know if 13.29v at idle is a good thing or is my alternator stuffed
  4. Yeah bro first time it started doing this to me I replaced alternator and battery then everything went back to normal I drove from rotorua to tauranga yesterday then it started doing these issues again idk what to do
  5. Hey guys I have a 2007 ford xr6 6 speed auto its recently starting to give me grief I drive it for a little bit everything seems ok then boom it goes into like limp mode or some sh*t "D" starts flashing on dash flick it over to tiptronic wont go out of 3rd gear traction,abs,battery light all comes up on dash then it just putts out. So I get my mate to give me a jump start everything starts working again but only for a short while then it starts doing the same sh*t I just described again. So far ive brought a battery(new) and alternator(second hand) but it still keeps happening any ideas is this transmissions related or voltage problem?
  6. Does anyone know if you can fit a ba alternator (2 pin plug) into a bf xr6 falcon with the 3 pin plug will it cause any issues if I just make a adaptor or something...
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