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  1. First choice car upholstery canning vale. 180 bucks he does an awesome job and has factory carpets for a bunch of cars. He's on Facebook
  2. Marco I got one from beaurepairs midland a few years ago after I read jet recommending them.
  3. How much power did you go down with this year? Same speed as last year's 1000m in the 800m is a win
  4. Nice pickup. How's the sound stage go with them that close together? Need the couch like where your coffee table is.
  5. ^Is there any advantage to getting a 4" exhaust over a twin 2.5 if you're not gonna push it to the max? Like say you're going for 400rwkw will you get it a little easier with the 4" or no difference until you're getting to the upper limit of the twin 2.5? I hate drone but also wouldn't wanna waste powers
  6. That's sick. I wonder how clean the audio output is the ford icc is sh*t
  7. Fg. It was on the strip with freshly prepped track and very warm tyres. They still spin on street surfaces without a burn out yeh but so does everything I've used.
  8. 235s are ok if the compound is good. I broke my tailshaft with 235 ar1s
  9. Should be decent then if it's what he recommends. No excuses next time theres racing next then [emoji14]
  10. Just get kings ssl from Ebay they're cheap as and easy to put in yourself. Ssl all around looks good and is pretty low you scrape on heaps of stuff. Sssl would be a nightmare I reckon but each to his own. I actually went back to standard height springs cos I got sick of having to go so slow over speed humps and up driveways etc
  11. Getting something tough this time or more for easy driving?
  12. Bonnet looks good. I wonder if it will be noisy going fast
  13. How do the Falcons go with a flat shift? Never driven a manual one
  14. I've been loving the better cars they build the sh*tty miras and stuff are boring as. They cant do the driveway anymore cos too many dickheads came past while they were filming and hung around did skids stole sh*t etc.. there's a whole write up about it they have done
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