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  1. Mine has ID1000 injectors making 543 RWKS. I have got into it before with someone. Rob at Monsta Torque has done my car and explained how its done, I cant remember so I cant tell you. Asked if I should go to 1500 injectors, he said no need.
  2. I would think 300 bucks is not expensive for a 275 or 285 tyre. The higher end stuff like Conti Sport6, Pirelli or Pilot Supersport that I use are all over 500. All the grip in the world at the front wont help if the rear comes around.
  3. I would go auto, it will be quicker than the manual.
  4. Cant go wrong with Precision 6466 or GTX 3582. You think you will be happy with 400. I had 480 with the Pte6235(E85) but ended up getting the 6466. (543rwkw E85)(446rwkw on 98)
  5. Yep,I started out the same ....just get a tune and some valve springs. $45,000 plus later and im at 508RWKS and asking Rob (Monsta Torque) if I should toss the Pte6235 and get the 6466. Its addictive, you always want more.
  6. At 200,000 klms I wouldnt bother. If it had half the klms I would say get the Precision 6466 as most do or the 6235 I have which is making 508 scary RWKS.
  7. Not really been on cruises before but I would be up for it,my son has an xr6t
  8. If that question is for me....I wanted everything to be strong. I built the rest of the car because I wanted everything strong,I didnt want any weak links...the last thing and most expensive was the engine. Its a car that will never see a drag strip,I just take it out on weekends. It was due for a service May 2016 but im still 2000klms away from that to show how little it is driven. Its a 2009 model with 53,000klms. I went to see Simon today to have a chat,I dont like all drama myself, he was repectful and originally when I spoke to him he was complimentary of his main competitor. He exp
  9. I have reciepts for $8300 for the turbo ( from memory I bought it and had it delivered to him because he was surprised I got it cheaper than he could get it,I showed him a recording to prove it)valve springs,air box relocate,twin 460S and trans tune. Add to that the harrop true trac,gear box build, drive shaft, over boost, nizpro stainless exhaust,dumps,I think cats,1000hp nizpro intercooler it was a guesstimate and im not far off. Maybe you can add it up I dont remember the cost and ai cant find the receipts...maybe intentionally so the wife does not see them
  10. You told me yourself on our phone call my box was 6500.As I told you a few yrs ago...all my calls get recorded. I told you I felt there was something wrong with the changes,I told Brad about the whirring and nothing was done. How could I know the planetary pins were walking out,I didnt know what one was until it got opened. It may have been a while but the car only does a few klms each weekend and the issues were from day 1. Apparently other people have been welding them for over 5 yrs to avoid any problems. Im am not a mechanic,if I pay a lot for a built box then I believe its strong. If I
  11. No mate. I said how about a good will gesture(maybe some cash) and I will take my review on google down. He said no,if you brought it back to me I would have fixed it for only 2k...REALLY!! Builds a sub par box then I pay again,no thankyou. This car is a car that never has been on a track or drag raced ,only comes out on weekend but the box was rooted. Burnt plates,the input shaft was not true so went in the bin,you could see where it was rubbing on one side and not the other. Because of the actuator it was doughy under 4000rpm and lost a bit up higher in the RPM. I wish I could be more techn
  12. Just thought I would jump in to this topic as I just picked up my car today from Rob after getting a stage 3 built motor and built box. I had spent over 25k with XFT and had issues with my $6500 box from day 1. I told Rob the issues and that I could feel something wrong in 4th(ZF box) Turns out the planetary pins had walked out and the box was a ticking bomb once they came out. Also other parts were not done correctly,I cant remember axactly,I can find out. The actuator was not secured properly causing all sorts off probs. The fuel pumps were running both pumps all the time which will boil th
  13. I had the TSW Jerez,they were out of round so they said they would replace them,my next choice was the Mirabeau but I was told they are not doing 2 piece rims now. I chose the Brooklands which are nice but not as aggressive looking as the Jerez.
  14. Just noticed this post. That is my car.
  15. I will give it to Rob when he eventually has time and hopefully he can sort it all out. The GTR is an awesome car,I would love to have one but a bit out of my budget. I did get to hire one for 6 hrs in Vegas last year with my wife though which was an experience. We had a 458italia for 12 hrs earlier that same week. I enjoyed the GTR more as far as thrashing it goes.,but the Ferrari was a bigger head turner.
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