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How Many Kilometres Have You Clocked Up?


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Thanks mate yes she’s been treated like royalty since the day I got it, although the kilometres wouldn’t tell you that lol. It was two years old with 76,000 km on the clock I think it was when I got it 76,936 possibly even (I do have it written down somewhere), Still had factory warranty on it. And was ex-lease. It’s only ever had the best fully synthetic oil in it every service and even more impressive is the fact I bought a washable air filter and fitted it a week after I got the car-Even that is just as good a condition of the car all these years later so it goes to show a little bit Of love goes a long way. Been wanting to post photos for ages so people can see for themselves it’s actually done the kilometres!

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2013 FG with 229000 on it. Sold the old BA Futura recently. Used the BA for those really rough roads, farm ramps etc, but have ordered a Ford  Escape for future rough roads.

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