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  1. A little under 35,000 on a 2014 FG. Going by these comments, I am going to be able to drive this thing until I am 80!
  2. Hi All, Just a quick question. I live in regional NSW, and the quality of the roads out here are pretty 'exciting'. I am currently running stock 19 inch luxury pack rims on a FG Mk2. They still have the original factory 245/35/19 tyres on them. In terms of tread there is plenty left. The car is otherwise stock, although I have some springs/shocks I am yet to put on. Recently, I hit a pothole that resulted in a large enough dent in the rim to break the seal and destroy the tire - I was driving in the dark on a 'main road' at 80km/h. I had to get the rim lathed to get it back into shape. Because I live in BFNW, I had to put on whatever they had in stock at the time - some lower tier pirelli, mostly likely a dragon sport - and I paid about $300 for the privilege. I have been meaning to change it but haven't had a chance yet. Now I have another flat - different tyre. I have had a gutful to say the least. Because I am an old bloke, I remember when a 50 profile was a pretty big deal. I also have a hankering for steel rims, probably from back in the day when 'chasers' were all the rage on the street scene. I appreciate the steelies are heavier and the trade-offs, but I am trying to recapture my youth. So I want to go with higher profile tyres to deal with sh*t roads and I started looking at rims. Got on to these: http://www.tarziatyrecentre.com.au/dynamic-17x9-d-shape-ford-falcon-au-ba-bf-fg-fgx-s paired with Kuhmo V720s, Hankook Rs4 or Bridgestone RE003. At one stage, I was also thinking black Enkei RFP1, but I am less convinced about that. The overall diameter of the wheel is smaller by 0.4%. A couple of questions, how do you think the steelies will go in terms of fit? They are only available in 9 and 10 inch so I was a little concerned about the front. Was going to go 9 all round as I didn't think I would get 10's under the back without dicking around or scrubbing. I was hoping @JETURBO might have seen these an can provide some advice as they down his neck of the woods. Or if you could recommend alternate black 17s, that would be great. Thanks guys. Dan
  3. Congratulations .Stripes. It must be a great feeling!
  4. D4N

    The new hack

    Very tidy. Nice pair! Congratulations
  5. At the end of the day it is your car champion and you are the one that has to be seen in it, drive it and pay for it. As long as you are happy, then who cares? It is not for me, I like them to be more understated - I need to remove the rear wing on mine completely. But more power to you.
  6. I just got a WH-1000MX3 and thought they were the gear.....until now. I love to to sit and listen to music but I had my right ear destroyed (now a constant ringing) by a machine gun being fired close to it. So don’t think I could appreciate anything better anyway.
  7. Weapon! If this is the car I think it is I was only reading the post related to it yesterday. If it is, great to see it on the road after all the trouble the gent had with it and the battle to get it running. I hope he is enjoying it!!
  8. D4N

    Hot or Not?

    That is exactly what I had a laugh at. clubFG sticker adds at least 12rwkw.
  9. D4N

    Hot or Not?

    Found this today on the web - I haven't seen anything like this before. Wasn't too sure if I like or not.
  10. D4N

    FG misfire

    How did you get on Oz?
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