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  1. me neither. except ill be raped if anything goes wrong with it. that's my main concern.
  2. not a late model per se, but an option to replace my Touareg. whats your thoughts on something like this anyone? sorry to steal your thread fluff, but its still on topic. boot me off if you like... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/BMW-X5-2012/OAG-AD-16428567/?Cr=1
  3. Fluffy's Actual Car Thread! 8-0

    that's the stuff...
  4. Fluffy's Actual Car Thread! 8-0

    give us a half face photo....
  5. you want ugly? drove one of these around california last year. great car to tour in, but yuck.
  6. Random Picture Post Thread.

    and at least we now know russian beauty queen pregnant with king of malaysia sultan something something....
  7. DOOO EEEET! I love the euro stuff. I'm thinking about getting one of these in about 6 months when its time to change the work car. The R Line has a twin turbo Diesel V8. how does 800nm and 0-100 in 5.8 sound? not bad for a 2.5 tonne SUV. not to mention 9.5L/100km. and can still tow 3.5 tonne. I already have had this model for a couple years, but the v6 diesel model. it is fantastic. not as ritzy as a beemer (la di da!) but man euro stuff is miles ahead in NVH.
  8. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    hes my nephew.
  9. What Made You Feel Good Today

    @Rab ha ha that's what kid's club is for.... I'm doing nothing too...
  10. What Made You Feel Good Today

    do it @JETURBO theyre so good. dani will love it as shell have to do nothing..... nothing.
  11. What Made You Feel Good Today

    been so busy recently- just hit me that in just over 3 weeks ill be on this for a week & 1/2:
  12. Fg Custom Tray Build

    GO TIM
  13. Blown turbo

    What is it with no one using punctuation recently? it's painful to read. You sure the cooler pipework hasn't just popped off? all symptoms except weird noise. check the easy stuff and work up.
  14. Want power gains for my non turbo territory 2005 AWD

    hi mate, welcome to the forum. theres a few things you can do increase power- but you wont feel too much difference. my advice would always be to trade up to a turbo. bigger single outlay up front, but in the end prol cheaper. remember a well modded N/A might almost make the same power as a stock turbo. if your lucky.
  15. Future of Site - Discussion

    you dont really need MB to post photos. just open a free account with Imgur or similar, upload your pics there, open it up, right click and select 'copy image url'. then just paste it on your post. bingo. 0 MB needed.

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