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  1. I found that comment so offensive my socks and thongs almost fell off.
  2. I went with these last year- dont use em much though... https://www.astrogaming.com/en-au/products/headsets/xbox/a40-tr-mixamp-pro-bundle-gen-4.939-001658.html
  3. My BF super Pursuit has 97k, and the Panda is just under 112k
  4. I'm looking at design/ colours to fully retrim the interior in P4NDA, and thought maybe getting aftermarket sports seats for the front and matching the rest? wondering what people have found good- eBay generic? Brand name seats? Assuming original rail would be used to install. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Scott
  5. Because there's no normal people on this forum...
  6. It is happy. Cause I'm camping....
  7. So I ended up buying a mint bf super pursuit, unmodified, low ks to sit in the shed and see what happens, cause, why not....
  8. I've never found I needed more than the stock alternator could handle. that was with 1600wrms amps running 2 x subs at 2 ohms & 160wrms running front splits, with a capacitor (cant remember what size). actually cant believe that was like 16 years ago....
  9. morning all. what do you reckon regarding buying an fpv solely for investment?
  10. we do. that thing sounds sick. Ill put a youtube link up soooon.... edit: now
  11. Yep was awesome fun. Car was showing 100% of what it can do. And that stall converter. Almost all runs were strong as. Only 1 run I hit limiter and lost power once in 2nd- suspect valve springs got upset.... that was the only run of the night against another Barra that I may have been on par with (although I dont know what power he was running) The other Barra I raced was old mate 788rwkw- I actually volunteered for that one too. And 1st elimination was run against PRO HB.- the guy starting us off mouthed the words 'sorry' when he prompted us up Oh well- highlight of my night was racing P4NDA for the first time ever after 13 years of ownership, and beating the tough XD that purged nitroous before the run. she was a close one, but I got her up top 💪 What a great night all in all- will def do again- although I might have to hit @JETURBO up for some new valve springs 😉
  12. OP: you play- you pay. Accept this right from the outset or don't start down the modifying path. Its gonna cost more than you think in the end anyway....
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