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  1. Panda Eyes

    Headphone Magic

    I got a Hisense 65" 4K for family room a couple months ago after checking out my brother in law's and being blown away... sweet unit. the internet side of things is crap on all tellies I think, but a good 4K streamer sorts that right out no issues so far
  2. Panda Eyes

    What Made You Feel Good Today

    waking up to camping rather than day to day schedule. weather hasn't been great in Mt Gambier last 24 hours, but still prefer this to work.... cafes, wine, bbq's, wine, shopping, wine.
  3. Panda Eyes

    SA Cruises

    I was born in Mclaren vale
  4. Panda Eyes

    The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    my mrs gets a new car. 2 years old now- just clocked over 20km. meanwhile I get the 160km clunker. (insert violin here)
  5. Panda Eyes

    Fix Blown Tail Light Problem?

    I got some of those led resistor boxes when I did the blinker led globes in my bf tail lights. I mounted them on top of the rear light housing, checked a week later and they had started to melt through. plus the auto lights would always act like its night time (screen would go into night brightness mode). so I put the original blinker globes back in.
  6. Panda Eyes

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    had to buy another Odyssey yellow top battery cause mine died. I guess having the car sit in the garage for 5 years will do that....
  7. Panda Eyes

    Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    not stuff I 'just' bought- got my new trailer a few months ago. out grew my old one- both in size and weight. this will carry 2 tonne, and has electric brakes. also wont rust or have paint flake off like my last one so future proof. will prob outlast my career lol. had to drive to Dandenong to get it though cause would have to sell a kidney to buy one in SA. sigh.
  8. Panda Eyes

    FTG Auto Salvage - Where did they go?

    wasnt cheap. but had lots of stuff.
  9. Panda Eyes

    My baby turned 300 at last (pic heavy)

    yes he is a sexy man
  10. Panda Eyes

    Hussla rims?

    no idea man. I guess if they meet known standards they should be fine.
  11. bleh theyre a flop. not saying theyre not a good car, cause I dont realy know, but hardly see any around. imagine resale will be dismall...

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