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  1. I feel like I'm still in the yesterday
  2. Not the prettiest engine bay out there but cleaned up ok...
  3. I'm gonna get this sticker made up for my battery cover...
  4. Very minimal.... VID20210723120112.mp4
  5. yep I'm not a brand name snob, but everything they do is so damn good. Done the 3 way clay bar- there's now nothing on the paint whatsoever- feels as grippy as heck. Now to add the wax and finally protection. I wont ceramic this time, but plan to in 6 months (I do about 3000km a year). Thanks to my lad @sir_awesome_- he's the main one doing it.
  6. Why is it that when I'm free to leave the house any time I want I'd rather just stay in and play online, but the moment we're in lockdown I wanna go do something...
  7. Lockdown, plus torrential rain. What else to do but do a full detail...
  8. Either way it makes no difference to me at this point. its made awesome numbers for a BA- as long as it does it with no issues I dont care what rods are in it. Jet said it would be interesting to see whats actually in it if it ever goes bang.
  9. Interestingly enough when I bought it back in 2008 the fella said his mate who he bought it off had fpv rods put in it, but with no paperwork to back that up I could only assume that wasn't the case, and with my naivety of Barra turbos at the time thought nothing of it anyway. Plus I had already done the deal when he mentioned it, so he had no incentive to tell porkys. So who knows? All I can say is with the previous tune, and seeing 21psi with it on occasion I would have thought it would have gone bang by now if it was in fact a skinny rod BA. The previous tuner even ran off to get a to
  10. Picked it up last night- to a heavy rain evening.🙄 So today hit the road to see what she can do- well the super sticky Michelin PS4S did their best, but not even close to gripping in 2nd or 3rd, let alone 1st... I can only assume in the warm weather, with decent road temp this thing will hook up. even still- holy heck this is impressive. As mentioned in Jets post there were some disappointments- a 'supposedly' built box wasn't that at all- with the box builder revealing there wasn't much of anything good in it at all. Oh well- Mike and the boys at MV Autom
  11. As title says- only used on 1 car since new- 5 unlocks left. Location Adelaide Hills, or can post at buyers expense. Can send pics showing unmarried (the module, not me 🤪) $400.00 Text Pls- 0403 507 905
  12. Hey mate, nice write up and build. My car is having a few improvements made as we speak after sitting pretty unloved or driven for a few years. After my lad took his newly modded fg to the bend a few weeks ago and showed me the vids I'm keen as a bean to give roll racing a go. Happy to meet up for a cruise too if you're interested- I live up in the hills, so plenty nice roads to explore.
  13. I'm sure that will work out juuuust fine....
  14. Stock car is stock. Don't tell anyone...
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