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  1. Actually they really hook up. Mainly. https://www.michelin.com.au/auto/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s
  2. yep that was the only time I took it out in about 6 years! Hasn't been out since. only reason I've started again is the lad pushed me along- he's now got a fg2 which is about to go into Jets for the works and he wants to cruise. -now registered, insured and getting new tyres tomorrow. time to cruise
  3. 2004 BA MK2. just over 110000. been sitting doing nothing though for about 6 years.
  4. Finally got my 365rwkw BA out of the garage after sitting there for the last 6 years or so. Tyres will need to be replaced- plenty of tread, will be hard and brittle as hell though. Want to put as grippy as there is on the rear- will never be out in the wet. Needs to be legal, and would prefer something that doesn't need any special preparation to heat up. What are you guys finding is best to get the power down on the street. Won't be taking it on the strip. Thanks all 😀
  5. im in nairne- adelaide hills. cudlee creek fire came very close to us- we had to evacuate as it was heading toward us. after a few hours wind changed and it started to head north easterly so we could return. good friends of ours were not so lucky and lost their home in Lobethal 😢 he's interviewed here- Justin Woods https://www.9news.com.au/videos/national/dozens-of-homes-destroyed-in-sa/ck4faj1vt001w0hnulvxm7h35
  6. was checking out the lads cleaning stash. the claybar solution is called '3 way'. bowden is a kinky little fella....
  7. not that one yet. my lad is fully into the detailing and has the snow job swirly cannon thing and a killer pressure washer. All this 'fancy' stuff def not a gimmick. makes maintenance sooo much easier @arronm eg after a week of gravel roads and rain, all it took was a presoak and pressure wash to clean the R Line. not a cloth or sponge in site.... win.
  8. its actually really good stuff. they have an amazing wet apply wax called- wait for it- 'wet dreams'... amazing bead porn.... and repels dirt from sticking too. spray on, and wipe over with wet cloth then hose off. water just beads and runs off. Def worth getting...
  9. snap. I took mine out the garage for the first time in about 9 months... doesnt need any tlc though, as my lad clay barred it before it got put away under a car cover..
  10. read it as one sentence and just about passed out from oxygen deprivation.
  11. I remember reading an extensive report on water spray testing years ago- turns out that the timing of the spray is crucial- and it wasnt when youd think it would need it.
  12. If this was the biggest problem I had I'd be happy.... Need more info about this hill before we can help, eg: Does your weed dealer live at the bottom?
  13. the cheapest way is the dearest way... Take it to a tuner that knows these cars and get them to sort it. its gonna cost....
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