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  1. anyone know whats a good mid range home theater speaker set up these days?- 7.1. Dedicated theater room so wanting floor standing fronts and stand, wall mounted or ceiling surrounds. budget is 4-5K. already have a good atmos equipped reciever. Anyone with their finger on the pulse? cheers, Scott
  2. also if your tyres are worn it makes them like new too.
  3. that my missus called me to say shes got a puncture. that in itself is fine. what pmo was the fact her 2 front tyres are at wire on the inside and a hole literally wore through. so angry at myself that I've been too busy to have checking her tyres on my radar. she had just come off 15 mins of 100kmh zone too. 😡 idiot...
  4. had to do the same a few months ago. still takes a couple hours at full speed to do 5500m2....
  5. looks awesome mate. very high cool factor. Personally I reckon the start up sequence is a bit long- twice the speed would be perfect though imo.
  6. Noice 👍 Fast taxis are fun, but there's nothing like a higher end euro car. At some point the old bones need some speed AND comfort. It's scary to drop 100k+ on a daily, but hey you only live once. I dont have any regrets after 4 months in the Audi. And the effortless lazy torque of a multi turbo V8....🤤
  7. Jet buys his own foot pics they're that sexy
  8. anyone know whos fg crapped itself all over the track at roll racing adelaide last night?
  9. Slowly recovering. Haven't been back to the gym yet but hopefully should be soon. I think its a bit optimistic to expect I can pick up where I left off being I haven't been for 7 weeks 😔. Sick of being sick...
  10. Awesome. Have a special place for Halls Gap- spent some of my honeymoon there almost 29 years ago.
  11. I'm at 0 for a few weeks since contracting covid 😑. now I have another virus on the back of that- symptoms indicate its related to Bell's Palsy 🤔. hopefully can get back to the gym soon. I miss it!
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