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  1. Anyone going to the next roll racing on 28th May? I reckon I might , and I believe my lad will be there in his new to him FGX xr8 for a bit of fun. Also my nephew is going to race his R32 GTR... Whos been before? in what? and let us know what you thought...
  2. Agree totally @Chal Roarke . I've been going for a couple weeks now and with the advice and helpful links passed on by @Puffwagon am really enjoying it, without feeling overwhelmed or like its something I cant maintain realistically.
  3. stop bragging with that length of time
  4. so I had never walked into a gym (once like 30 years ago it think). now im going to be building another house (literally) in 18 months or so, I felt it made sense to join anytime fitness as it has opened in nairne. I figured it would be twice as hard to do the build if I was unfit (which I am) so I may as well put some work in to improve my fitness level. I had already made some good dietary changes for a couple nonths so nows as good a time as any to build on this. Has my first visit to the gym- a 45 min with a personal trainer was included in the deal. I plan to improve cardio more than anything as ive always had good size arms and legs, so wasnt too interested in bulking them up. more just a 'get fitter' type of thing. Funny thing happened. he (I thought) pushed me pretty hard (he said he didnt)- not really any rests between machines, but he said he was observing me to see how fast colour came back to my face lol. all good eh. got out of breath. almost at failure point on weights. At end of session I was leaning on a rail and started to feel a slight bit nauseous. asked how would I know if I pushed too hard. then got dizzy. next thing I knew he was behind me asking if I was 'still with him'. said I blanked out a couple times for 10 secs or so, although I was still standing (leaning). got me to lay down after with elevated legs and I felt ok after 10 mins. Got me to contact Jen to pick me up as I drove there. Weird. 2 hours later I walked back (15 mins) to pick up my car. stupidly didnt have anything to eat prior (I never eat breakfast). trainer (who has a background of medical side of things) said my pupils dilated and it may have been a panic attack. visited my gp and he said no reason he could see it would be an issue for me- but getting blood tests to see if anything to be concerned about- one of my migraine meds is a slight beta-blocker so may have had an influence. Havent been back as flat out getting my place finished ready for sale, but will go back soon and gently, gently. thoughts?
  5. lol my wife had a nissan duke pov spec as a loaner while her car was in for a service and it had paddles. and it was a pos
  6. country. bought land in Mount Gambier over the new year. going to take a year off and build again.
  7. if anyone is looking for a new house my place has just gone on the market... https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-nairne-138946147
  8. I'm expecting a full custom red leather interior to be 10k for the Panda... I hope I'm wrong. 🤨
  9. I don't disagree- but now my car is only the odd weekend cruiser- insured for only 3000km a year max so I wont be replacing tooooo often, I don't mind forking out for top end tyres. Also never been one to light it up just for fun- only loss of traction is from hard acceleration- I'm not a foot-on-brake-and-go pedal type....
  10. I have 275 Michelin pilot sport 4s' on a ba sedan: as good as any street tyre as far as I could tell. But still light up easily...
  11. Moving there in a couple years once my daughter has finished her dental training and contract. In the meantime I'm drawing plans and will put them through council, have the services put on the land, a nice big garage built for the caravan and to live in while we build, and we'll plant about 50 trees as soon as the land settles... plenty of trips back and forth in the coming months me thinks- we even did a day trip there a few weeks ago to view and purchase the land! 4.45am-7pm. that was a big day...
  12. After building our home 11 years ago (I took a year off and we built it ourselves) it's time for a change- Just bought this and will do it again. In the designing stage now.
  13. I found that comment so offensive my socks and thongs almost fell off.
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