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  1. Meh, FG XR6T's initially failed the brake test for NSWHWP..... hence brembos
  2. If JB wont come to the party, get Garmin to supply a new unit, ebay the shit outta it, and go buy yourself what you want.
  3. Sure do man, gotta feed the fire. Just make sure you are eating the right foods and not Crust pizza. On a side note, Kimbo, frick me...... loves a walk! Everytime i check the steps here's ol Kimbo with like 11ty billion more steps than me!
  4. Speaking of junk tyres..... I have 4 x Achilles fitted to my XR6, my thinking was i mainly do highway kilometres between Sydney and Canberra, or commute, so i could probably save a bit of cash as i dont drive the car in a sporting fashion shall we say. Bzzzzzt. Went to the tyre shop yesterday to get a puncture fixed - two of my Achilles are delaminating, to the point where the are very close to loosing air or popping. And my last set of Achilles did the same thing....... Tyres would be less than 6,000klms old Once again, you get what you pay for.......
  5. Been missing your steps and progress on garmin connect matey...... Doesn't matter that you fell off the horse, it just matters that you climbed back on.
  6. Bit more of an update on my vivosmart HR.... Overall i'm super stoked with the unit as a whole. My only complaint is the optical HR which isn't accurate 100% of the time. But the fact it monitors HR 24x7 and gives you your resting heart rate, and also using garmin connect/app to look at your heart rate is awesome. The display is great, easy to use, battery life is around five days before needing recharging, yep im very happy with it! Its definately inspired me lately to get my steps up, and visit the gym more often.
  7. Good stuff! Without sounding all stalkerish, im following your progress on the Garmin website, you can clearly see the HR when you are doing weights compared to cardio. Keep up the hard work bro! I had a slack weekend, didnt get my steps up due to the same problem Fluff has - pushing a pram doesnt register steps. But im hitting the gym for RPM tonight, another class is locked away tomorrow night, and bootcamp Wednesday. Im at 110kg, ill be happy if i can get down to 105. Ive got my diet squared away, plenty of steamed veggies, steak, chicken etc all in the freezer just waiting to go down the hatch.
  8. when you were a child, wasn't everyone riding around on penny farthings?
  9. Sitting here at work re-capping on the massive weekend I spent with my son Took him to the Canberra show on Saturday, he loved seeing all the animals, riding on the merry go round, jumping on the jumping castle, looking at all the exhibits, watching the freestyle motorcross, and daddy buying him a Paw Patrol showbag! Then we had a three year olds party to attend yesterday, was a great day. Its weekends like that, that make parenting so worth it. The smiles didn't stop
  10. Bullshit..... Take it back to Garmin - they are in Eastern Creek near the M7 roads maintenance depot. You can persist with Garmin, or sell your new unit and buy something else.
  11. ESPN being dropped as NHRA broadcaster - no US drags on foxtel anymore..... :( But Fox USA picked up the rights? go figure.....
  12. Im glad that you also experienced the HR tracking issues. I suppose as long as the belt and the pants are getting looser, it must be doing its job lol I do like the fact that the new Vivosmart HR displays the time (or whatever screen you configure) constantly, you don't have to touch the screen or wake anything up in order to get that info. Pus one swipe over and instantly i have a inaccurate HR reading lololol I cant whinge too much; at the end of the day Garmin have given me a brand new unit, with full warranty, and now Im back on the fitness bandwagon! Fitness is the winner of the day!
  13. Cheers bro. Thanks for your feedback too! If i used my head, and wasn't so excited when Garmin gave me a band spankers Vivosmart HR, i should have kept it all in the box all nice and sealed, sold it on eBay or similar, and then paid you a visit! But you know what its like with a new toy.......and im a kid after all lmao If your missus no longer wants the Active send me a PM.
  14. Well i am now bitch. Go make me a sammach
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