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  1. Any Ideas!!

    if ya got cash id take it to a respected workshop in your state and get it worked to 500hp. good advice by rab above me there as well, maybe do suspension, brakes, cosmetics if not already done.
  2. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    The 1080TI is a ridiculously good mining card, not saying its economically viable to mine with but from my mates experience it's hashrate was more than what two decent AMD cards he has in his mining rig could do.
  3. yeah I have a few 18650 batteries here that I could use with it. just need a charger. definitely going lithium ion battery in whatever torch I get. I bet whoever has my old head torch now is happy with it as all they need is a charger.
  4. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    yeah im pretty jealous of the 1080TI and 1tb NVME SSD. even happier that I watercooled my computer for free though! owe my mate a liter of distilled water hahaha
  5. BAII XR6 Turbo Ute 313rwkw

    looks good, time to do some burnouts
  6. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Cheers! its not bad but my mates rig is the definition of sweet... until it started leaking from the top radiator moments after filling the loop haha. got both radiators swapped at the shop as they were missing a part. For my rig I'll get a new cpu waterblock when I do the mobo+cpu+ram and MAYBE use hard tubing but I really can't be arsed and like the security of a clamped hose. I want to run white coolant as well if it's available.
  7. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    mate offered me his old watercooling bits so we decided to fit them up. old apogee gtz waterblock, big twin 120mm radiator (60mm thick or something crazy), cheap chinese pump with res built in (hidden). all this for an extra 200mhz clock speed (might be able to go further) but it idles at like 30C when before it would be 40-50C idle. When I go for a new CPU/mobo/ram I'll probably get a proper waterblock as we drilled the holes out in this one which was originally for socket 1366.
  8. hmmmm that light seems good value for the cost actually and without a stupid big battery box behind my head.
  9. Was thinking about that one, my one was the H14r.2 which I got off ebay in december. price has risen slightly since I got mine. x2 pissing me off is the new speed cameras in use no longer have an easy way to determine if the fine is valid, no more template box. kinda sucks cause ive seen a few invalid fines with other moving objects in the box and successfully seen them quashed without going to court.
  10. lost my $150 led lenser head torch yesterday and im extremely angry. It's actually the most expensive thing ive ever lost! Not as bad as a mate who lost his home and most of his possessions within a year and is struggling to afford rent now and has children to look after.
  11. T2 and EBC red pads standard ba diameter

    Have you checked brake booster condition / adjustment as well as the master cyl to make sure its not constantly applying the brakes ever so slightly?
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    haha I can see why you wouldn't want to change especially with the minimum standard of FTTN being 12/1 speeds. sus out how far you are from the node cause if its less than 500M it's worth shifting I say.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    What type of NBN are you connected to pixy? your upload speed should be significantly better than that. If you are on FTTN you might benefit from engaging a registered cabler/electrician to inspect your cabling. 400M from node here and I get ALMOST 100/40 speeds all day long.
  14. FPV F6 vs FGX xr6 turbo

    Get the newer car in this case I say. old cars suck, everything starts to go wrong on them. deep down I'd want the F6 too but you really are best to get the newer car.
  15. Territory Turbo Mods, KW & Quarter Times

    hell yeah come pick us up n do some skids. I'll show ya the fury a stock hilux can unleash while we're at it....

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