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  1. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    still screwed by this windows 10 update. no idea how to restore my shortcuts back to the left side of strart menu. now its like opening a folder on my desktop to get to windows explorer to get to "this PC" thanks microsoft....glad I didn't pay for this crap software which there is no exact alternative to.
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    that's the problem aye. all these kids whove sunk thousands into their xr6t's expect to get it back because while the turbo, tailshaft and half the bushings are stuffed the thing made 450HP on a dyno 4 years ago. ideally a stocker for the weekends cause I find myself driving my diesel work ute like a sedan....
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    got no response from the one that was a good price...had like 300 views. it's a few hours down south though!
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    trying to find a cheap xr6t that I can fix up and all im finding is ones for good money that need towing, have stuffed turbos, body/paintwork is stuffed............ to top it off the sellers are complaining about low ballers. literally about to offer some people half the money they're asking... it's almost like so long as you list all the problems you can justify a higher price. right as I whinged I just found an unlic one for OK money.
  5. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I hate windows 10 updates sometimes. the bastards reset the start menu replacing all the programs I usually use with their games and sh1t. lovely. least they removed the thing on my desktop that was heckling me to activate windows even though this copy of windows is legitimate. pricks.
  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    checked my email at some website I thought was a scam (claimed to have 1.4bn credentials) sure enough it comes back with a password I still like using for sites I dont care about...grrrr time to change a few passwords. https://verify.4iq.com/ took like 48 hours to get a response, spat out three passwords, one I havent used for a decade and another ive used for a decade LOL.
  7. having to cancel a large commercial job because one tenant is being difficult. one minute we had access all good to start the next minute shes demanding to know exactly what we are doing and what it will look like and saying we can't come until monday at 10am.....was warned about them too which is the funny part. it's like get that bitch on a leash or I aint doing the job CYA if we do endup doing it, literally going to make it look like CRAP for her because the owner of the entire building doesn't care what it looks like as long as its done properly (wiring in conduit). they want the job done as cheap as possible. if you're a difficult C**T don't live in the same building as other people...get a house with a backyard. jeez.
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    what a lovely online resource. unfortunately they have a warning screen before showing you the goods. I like how most sites these days don't have the warning anymore HAH. they even sell something to turn any reciprocating saw into a f*ck saw. hell yeah!
  9. get back on the forum, we all miss ya


    some of us miss laughing at you too

  10. Missing At High Revs

    yeah engines f*ked mate
  11. 2013 Mk II Ford Turbo

    it's funny how most tuners will suggest more go fast mods rather than the trans cooler.. the reason its funny is most of em happen to do zf rebuilds. I agree with murdok above...endless money pits indeed.... at least they are fun.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    before I replaced mine with a delonghi dedica (normal coffee machine) I would put 3-4 pods through. but for a while I was getting lungo pods and using two of them so that makes 220ml of coffee.
  13. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    know how it feels stripes...earn the money then spend it I made the mistake of signing upto ebay the other day....now I have spent $500 so far on things I totally needed. got a new head torch, LED LENSER H14r.2...its very nice. next up was a few new tools that haven't arrived yet im keen to buy a standard torch and thinking one of the cheap ebay ones that are rechargeable for like $30. oh no time to drain money...least im not buying a $100+ torch
  14. BF xr6 Turbo

    you'd want a tune, whether using an xcal or hp tuners it depends on your tuner. easily $1-2000 for this part including the xcal (you might be able to find an xcal 3 or 4 cheap like a mate of mine did and theres a guy who unlocks married ones for a fee). injectors, id1000 id recommend..easily another $700-1000 not sure what these go for. could easily stop here, you'd have a fair bit more poke except on a hot day you'd probably wish you fitted a bigger intercooler beyond this point id be looking at a bigger intercooler, maybe even a whole kit with intake and the pipework. a bigger exhaust system (bigger catalytic converter and dump pipe).
  15. BF xr6 Turbo

    welcome to the site! tell us what state you're in and someone will recommend a tuner. then get around 10-15000$ and visit the recommended tuner. then go do some fat skids and post videos of fat skids with dyno sheets sound good? on a serious note tell us your budget and/or desired power output

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