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1400hp vs 700hp axles

Tom Tucker

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Sorry never got pics of the 700hp shafts as I was working while the car was having upgrades done but these are the best pics I got I gave Ray a hand to drop the diff then had to go so never seen the shafts or wavetrac before fittinge08ccea739c446cb192322a3c63586d2.jpg32b23c56d26be3e0b206ee3c723782ad.jpgdfe5a6d73534842fb31a4d6b7d3c3463.jpg88c30d3a65d25975300bffcebbb543b2.jpg568d7615ef0b6d7c8486196b38e6b021.jpg

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Not much change out of $6k for the 1400hp ones these days I'd say.

The 700hp ones aren't that much cheaper.

They're made by the Driveshaft Shop in the US, but there are a few resellers in Aus.

I got mine from Diff Technics in Sydney 

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$6k seems way too expensive! A quick look online and I see them for $240 per side. Are we talking about the same thing? The bottom picture of MRFG09 just above is what I'm after. The half shaft from cv joint to cv joint, not including the hub.

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