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1400hp vs 700hp axles

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Hello gents,


Who's done the 1400hp shafts themselves? I've heard it's a horrible job. 


I'm tossing up which way to go. The 1400hp shafts, plus wheel bearings come out 20% more expensive.


I'm told that I'm very unlikely to break a 700hp shaft with less than 1000hp, especially with no drag racing, stalling up etc. Although manual is worse for shock loading.

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So I've pulled the rear cradle out and I'm going to town on replacing all bushes while I've got the knuckles out for these new axles.


But I have a question about the diff axle seals. Is there an alternative to the Ford ones, which seem to cost $60 each? It seems excessive for just a piece of rubber. Is there a repco equivalent that anyone has used?

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I found the same on one I replaced that was leaking it was an absolute pita to change. Nekminit it still leaks

I noticed inside the rim was scratched and assumed I’d done it given how much of a beach it was to take out but since it was leaking beforehand I think whoever had changed them before me had already scratched it up

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