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  1. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Most of my photos of this build are on photo bucket so have added some to imgur for people that dont have the photobucket embed link fix. 10 second manual timeslips had quite abit of trouble with clutch slipping plus missing gears which can be seen in the slow shifts on the data log.
  2. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Wish I had some more videos of this doing skids but unfortunately it usual ends up not getting caught on video so here's what I've got that has been got on camera and is safe to post on the internet haha. Powercruise 2016.. this was the first event for the current setup. I flew home from work on the thursday night to the car with a brand new setup full new turbo manifold/intake and ecu had not even had the chance to get it started. So got home thursday night at 10pm walked into the shed with my laptop confirgured all the inputs and outputs to what I had wired put my calculated VE map in it with injector data set all the base timing and bam fired into life perfectly.. called it a night before the neighbours started calling the cops haha its fkn loud with a 4" exhaust dumped at the diff echoing out the shed.. so its now friday powercruise has started and car has a total run time of 5mins.. better hurry up and tune it so I can go make use of my entry, drove it out to my mates workshop to strap it on the dyno for a few quick pulls threw 12* of timing on boost and did 3 pulls to get 20psi of boost in it made around 400kw held good AFR's so that was it good for a casual beat up in the weekends cruise sesions.. lasted all of 1 day not being casual till powerskids got called up Decided fk it tune seemed happy enough may aswell see if itll do the powerskids, first go dumped 3rd shift to 4th and it bogged next lap decided 4th is the only gear needed and its either going on the trailer with another welded clutch or itll do a good skid.. it decided not to weld it self and held for a good skid this time so here it is.. 29min in on the powercruise live stream is a white 34 skyline then this heap of sh*t getting let go at 6000rpm in 4th gear.. can probably here my limiter settings are abit aggresive with the rpm drop everytime it hits it. like I said it got the 10min tune up and loaded on the trailer to get to the event. Idle vid from last years Racewars inspections. Gazzanats a couple of years ago with 330kw
  3. So bit bored decided I could write a thread on the build of my POS I bought this car in 2012 when I was 16 as my first car and its just got out of control since haha. I'll do a list of current specs plus pevious build specs. and probably copy most of the build from other forums.. Current pb is a [email protected] manual Specs 1996 Ef Xr6 Motor -Stock ef bottom end with ~300000km no rod bolts or new ring/bearing I popped one cap off to check bearings then put it back on because the motor had a blocked pickup and took 30secs to build oil pressure in the car I pulled it from haha -AU falcon head ported by me with pep-pro stainless valves seats all re cut by my mate at his machine shop. -Stock Au mls gasket with arp studs holding it down -Surecam custom hydraulic cam used the closest master profile he had to the specs I was looking for..basically about [email protected] 540"lift its pretty angry for a baby cam... -Crow valve springs with stock Au rockers and lifters Intake and fuel system -Tunnel vision intake manifold -Fg fly by wire throttle body -2200cc injectors -Fuel cell in the boot, 100 micron filter>1400hp holley dominator pump>10 micron filter> AN8 feed to and from rail> proflow fuel reg. Exhaust and turbo -Turbo manifold I built at home. steam pipe 6 into 1 collector divided into the t4 flange 40m pipe off each side of the collector merged into a 60mm gate -Turbosmart 60mm power gate (14psi spring) -2.5" screamer vented behind the front tire -Garret gt3788r .89 rear housing -4" dump straight off the turbo into the 4" exhaust with one big muffler before the diff. Engine management -Link G4+ Extreme ecu running sequential ign/inj. -Racepak iq3 dash -6x ls1 coils mounted on a bracket off the intake manifold bolts -Fuel/oil/coolant pressure sensors all fed to the ecu -Fuel/oil/coolant/air temp sensors all fed to the ecu -Ethrolle controled by the G4 with a BA pedal in the car and FG throttle body. -Boost controlled by the G4 with a 4 port solenoid -Launch control/2step with a switch, speed and time control so it doesnt come on when shifting gears. Gearbox and diff -T56 converted from a ba turbo -Direct ceramic solid centre twin plate. (3100lb of clamp now) -Final drive built 3.5" chro moly tailshaft with strange billet yoke, 1350 series unis front and back. -ATM it has 3.45 borgwarner diff with a spool standard 28 spline axles. Getting a 9" built atm with 35spline axles 3.7 gears strange nodular iron carrier with a full spool. that's about it really the whole car is built by me from fab work,engine building to tuning so stuff only gets done when I can be I <3 Bananased doing it.. Will start with this and add some more in another post.
  4. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    You'll love some extra rpm with the manual. Mine at 6k limiter is sh*t allways smashing it and ends up hitting it at 3/4 track at the drags. I lifted it to 7000rpm at drags and never turned it back would go higher but stock motor so don't wanna get to gready. If I had a built motor in it then it would be set at 8000rpm.. more revs the better.
  5. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    Should definitely put some camshafts in this thing and give it some good rpm. The 6766 is it a ball bearing or journal?
  6. Boost dropped

    You are now seeing your intercooler pressure drop...
  7. Torque converter to flexplate torque setting

    Looks like she's a pretty tidy example.. nice mate! I'll be following your path soon when I get my ass into gear and start it. Built AU single cam into my 68 xt fairmont. What engine mounts did you go with?
  8. Torque converter to flexplate torque setting

    Pics of barra into the xr?
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    It's funny watching monkeys argue on there [emoji23] widebands post usually come with there fair share of people saying widebands don't work and that you should only read spark plugs hahaha. Guess I should do a calibration then it's been about 18months haha
  10. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Think I've free air calibrated mine three times in the time I've had it. And it was only because I forgot to plug the sensor back in after putting the dump pipe back in the car and I turned the key before realising... should probably do it again and see if it's strayed
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    The innovate controls are well known for causing sensor issues my mates car has killed 2 sensors in 2 years with only being driven ~1000km I thought it was because 2step launch control and being so close to the turbo outlet that it was the reason for the failures but we swapped to a haltech WB controller and has had the same sensor for years now even with heaps of short run times moving it in and out of the shed on e85 so heaps of moisture in the exhaust. Then there's my car had the same innovate mtx-l for 4years on e85 huge amounts of 2step use and plenty of time been parked on the limiter drifting aswell as daily street driving and the original sensor hasn't had an issue. People have had issue with them when on methanol burning out the heater with all the moisture getting into it but even when I ran it on meth it never died. I must have one of the lucky ones haha. It did go to an error fault a couple of months ago which I thought it's days were over finally but got back in the car an hour later and error was gone and working mint again. If I was buying again I don't think I would go another innovate though.
  12. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    What's the old valve springs ozy?
  13. Fg n/a vs Fg egas - turbo application

    I know the gas cams are different in the early ba gas motors wonder if they ran the same cams into fg e gas. The fg n/a and fg turbo cams being the same number came up in bombers thread I think when he had the fg cam issues.
  14. Fg n/a vs Fg egas - turbo application

    People want $500-1000 for a ba egas from what I've seen. I got one for free so I could get a set of high comp Pistons to build a high comp methanol SOHC to test.
  15. Fg n/a vs Fg egas - turbo application

    You don't need to use the fg ecu to control the btr. If you are happy to run a manualised c4 then just use the btr and run it manualised and take advantage of being able use overdrive for the highway. C4 behind turbo 4l are sh*t anyway need to spend huge money to make it reliable and it'll still be a time bomb. For the motor of it's staying on e85 all the time just get a wrecker n/a motor and put valve springs in it. The cams are said to be the same part number from Ford for turbo and n/a so they will be fine. Changing the exhaust valves isn't worth it they will only be a problem if the tuner has some how got no idea how to tune you'll melt a hole through the piston before a valve. I've pulled quite a few e gas motors apart and I wouldn't buy one at all. They are not IMO worth the money everyone wants for them. IMO fg n/a motor with a set of valve springs only for 400kw. Run the btr behind it manualised and you will have a mid to low 10sec car

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