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  1. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Sweet yeh I went the 1.05 t4 rear because manual aswell. Will see how it goes if it’s to sh*t to try and drift with still then I might just spray some nitrous in there to get it on boost quicker. Should be abit more responsive on yours with the Barra.
  2. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    What size rear housing are you running on the 42 mate And yours is a manual right? Keen to see how it goes response wise so I know what to expect when I change my single cam out to a Barra
  3. My Build

    Hahahhahaha wtf jealous... riiight [emoji23]
  4. My Build

    Probably take about 15mins to identify the issue. Look at the fuel pressure gauge and see it’s not normal remove the vac line and fuel would start spraying out. Had plenty of bigger issues when building cars then a reg diaphragm popped.
  5. My Build

    Should probably just give up on the car now with this enormous issue arising... it’s a leaking diaphragm not a huge problem to diagnose IMO
  6. You can get engine and box in and out together if you take the steering rack off the k frame and jack the back of the car up as high as a proper trolley jack can get it. But it’s the biggest pain in the ass and isn’t worth the effort. Just put the gearbox in from underneath it’s a lot more simple. Also I forgot about them rods mate I’ll have a check on them when I’m back in two weeks if you still have it apart by then.
  7. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    This is the housing a mate made. Just got a chunk of billet and put it in the lathe at work and turned it up. We were going to do a few more but properly by machining the cap into it so we didn’t have the weld between the cap and housing but for the work involved didn’t get enough interest from others to worry about making more.
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Mounting the catch can below the rocker cover height is likely to make it fill up easily. I find mine having the fittings above the rocker cover height I get barely any oil in the can only water from the e85 and my oil comes out mint where when it was lower it would fill a lot easier.
  9. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Cashed as [email protected] mate. Small fortune right there haha
  10. T04z anyone??

    Was when we started going up to 25psi it would nose over in the top end at the drags. At 20psi it should be ok. This is on a high mounted 6boost setup with big 50mm gate and it was a journal bearing turbo aswell.
  11. T04z anyone??

    T4 .84 and a t4 1.15 couldn't tell any difference with the auto apart from the .84 choked it up top with big boost.
  12. T04z anyone??

    T04z on a 4l with all the specs you've listed won't be laggy at all. It will be on song the second you sink your boot into it. Have the same size turbo on similar setup 3000 convertor th400 and it's an instant smoke machine as soon as you stand on it. Will be capable of a mid 9 second pass if the suspension setup is decent in the car.
  13. Pulling gearboxes out on the floor is possibly the worst job in the world. Second worst would probably be trying to get the starter motor bolts out haha. Good idea getting rid of that t5 before it self implodes [emoji23]
  14. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    They are a standard e series falcon front camber arm bush. I bought a full front rebush kit that was cheaper with the camber kit then to buy separately so I just used them to make the engine mounts for cheap. Definitely noticed the change when I fitted them. Not really vibrations but just that the noise transfer from the motor is more noticeable. But this car has a big cam, spooled diff and a solid ceramic clutch and I find no issue with driving it daily so my tolerance to things like that must be higher then the average person [emoji23]
  15. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Yeh currently have a 9inch with 35spline axles, strange centre full spool all the good sh*t half built but was on the hunt for some bigger wheels for the street before I make the length to suit them. Finding wheels with the right offset to fit these is allmost impossible. Front needs a 18x9.5 +10 or less and rear like 18x10.5-11 in a 0-+10 offset which without going custom works at like 3k I can't currently find any other suitable options. Think I'll just bite the bullet and make it standard length for now and if I have to change it later then so be it. Planning on using the gearbox along with my old setup and putting it in another shell I have sitting on the farm so I can go drifting over winter while I cage and paint this chassis but can see myself having more fun drifting and pushing this into the back corner of the shed for a while and come back to it later.

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