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  1. Thanks mate, so basically, rear sway bar doesn't really need to be upgraded, but can do everything else
  2. Thanks for the list mate, any particular brand to avoid/look for?
  3. Thanks, so no other upgrades besides those, and already do plan on pretty much all that
  4. Hey all, My rear end is needing some attention after almost 12 months of having my +t done, and am going to get a new cradle to make things a little quicker to get back on the road, however, I'm not really wanting to put stock parts on it, so I was wondering if there was any aftermarket upgrade parts that I could get to upgrade the handling and make adjustments, I will be looking at a full coilover suspension setup, this is more with the parts on the cradle.
  5. Honestly, if you're handy with a set of tools, doing the conversion isn't that hard
  6. I'm going to sound like a complete noob here, but with what you're saying is that, the ba/bf bellhousing is smaller than the fg turbo bellhousing?, or am I completely wrong?
  7. Thanks for that, so they're the same size clutch, how many things did the fg n/a take from the ba/bf turbo?
  8. Really, so put in ba/bf turbo information and go from that?
  9. At present I'm not looking at huge power, 300kw or just over is what I want to make right now, I'm just after the size specs of the n/a to be able to choose the right clutch. Yes, but I believe they only added them in the mk 2 fg, like late 09 2010 onwards
  10. Hi all, I'm needing to do my clutch in my car, and I've been trying to find out the size specs of the n/a, as I believe the n/a bell housing is different to the turbo one, I have found a few different clutches, but I don't want to get the wrong size clutch, I will be getting a heavy duty one, as I've turboed mine, any help here would be appreciated.
  11. I'll be keen to see the power figures, did mine a few months back, made around 275kw with bad boost leak, which I've now fixed, did you stick with turbo factory injectors?, or up them?, and what boost are you looking at running in it?
  12. Yeah, brakes I've been thinking about as well, I don't want to have to change the callipers just yet, so been thinking about high end discs and pads for now, until I can see about maybe the turbo callipers, the rest I've also been thinking about as well, but with the diff, I'm not sure, so many people have different opinions about what's good and all that, tail shaft and drive shafts are something I'll be doing when I do the diff
  13. Hahahahahahaha, that's it, right now I'm more concerned about my clutch though
  14. I know the turbo is a little overkill, but it was cheaper to get that than a factory 3572 turbo from Ford, plus I'm pretty sure I'm going to want more power down the road, do best to get that than stock, hahahahahahaha, thanks for the answer, so basically wack in the 1000cc and the pump, tune her and should see the 300kw easily?
  15. Hi all, I've been looking on here about this question, but can't seem to find the exact answer I'm after. I've got a fg xr6 that I've converted to turbo, currently running on standard factory parts, injectors, turbo intake and throttle body, turbo fuel reg injectors and pump, factory intercooler (f6 I think it is), but has the gtx3582r gen 2, it's been tuned and has around 275kw at the wheel, I was told if I got the 1000cc injectors, I would have gotten 300kw, so I'm going to do that, as my goal is to hit the 300kw mark. My question here is, if I get say the 255 pump and 1000cc injectors, should I also upgrade my current factory fuel regulator?, or would it be best to not worry about that until I look at like the 460/540 fuel pump?, I know I should go the 460 straight up, but I'm not sure what I need to do with the rewiring side of things just yet. Thanks in advance
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