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  1. I’m not going stupid with power but want to build it right . Don’t like short cuts . I’ve sourced 2 blocks from the wreckers from na gas motors so fingers crossed ones good. so what part actually wears jeturbo?? ? I thought some might not get made as thick / as much internal thickness
  2. Thanks K31th , I’ve read somewhere 1 in 5 blocks would be under thickness …
  3. can anyone enlighten me on the factory Barra blocks and why they vary in thickness? I've had my engine builder come back and say the block I supplied is to thin (2011 fg block 110,000ks) he said its pretty common. I do have another bf block in my shed but she's done well over 300,000ks ... is it worth pulling a block from a wreck with low ks or does the ks even matter is its going to get machined and honed ect?/ cheers
  4. Pm sent jeturbo . Just getting everything sorted atm . Found a low k fg block with the 2 dipstick holes my cars a bf so I’ll be using the front . Changed the sump , girdle and oil pick up 👌 . I was told by my tuner to find a low k fg motor and not a bf ? The blocks are identical so was a little confused 🤔
  5. im leaning towards the nitto range with the I beam.. I got a pretty good deal on ditto just seeing if they are the old JE stock or the new CP nitto range. the bloke at nitto said they have changed to cp and not je anymore . the je nitto range was still good he said.. has anyone noticed any difference in the atomic rods with the pressure fed gudgeon gallery ?
  6. Hey all , I'm in the process of doing my first engine build on my Barra 6 , I'm tossing up between Atomic Superleggera conrods atomic icon forged pistons or nitto / cp forged pisons and rods .. both are in my budget and I've head good things about both. the atomic gear is a bit cheaper , and differences in H an I beam for choice ? looking to reach around the 550 - 600 rwkw power.
  7. Can you do this without removing the engine from the car ?
  8. Would a bf f6 engine still be better than the Fg xr6t or no?
  9. Are the bf f6 engines identical internals to the Fg xr6t engines also ? Same pistons
  10. Sorry I must have read it wrong , 11.527 @ 129mph
  11. I’ve been doing some research on the Fg and the fgx turbo engine . are these the same engines internally ? Or is the fgx slightly better ? Can’t seem to find any information
  12. I ran 11.350. In by bf 6 speed manual , 380rwkw 134mph
  13. Hey all , I’m chasing a new second hand motor to go into my Bf f6 , I’ve found a low ks 90,000 bf f6 engine for a good price . or a 2013 Fg xr6 turbo engine with about 110,000ks . These are the same engine expect the sump and rocker cover correct ?
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