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  1. Can you do this without removing the engine from the car ?
  2. Would a bf f6 engine still be better than the Fg xr6t or no?
  3. Are the bf f6 engines identical internals to the Fg xr6t engines also ? Same pistons
  4. Sorry I must have read it wrong , 11.527 @ 129mph
  5. I’ve been doing some research on the Fg and the fgx turbo engine . are these the same engines internally ? Or is the fgx slightly better ? Can’t seem to find any information
  6. I ran 11.350. In by bf 6 speed manual , 380rwkw 134mph
  7. Hey all , I’m chasing a new second hand motor to go into my Bf f6 , I’ve found a low ks 90,000 bf f6 engine for a good price . or a 2013 Fg xr6 turbo engine with about 110,000ks . These are the same engine expect the sump and rocker cover correct ?
  8. The car Was doing this just before the turbo went .
  9. Is there a way of checking the cooling system ?? The turbo oil return line to sump was blocked , small pin hole which Was what caused the turbo to fail I’m guessing . The previous owner may have not looked after her / regular oil changes ect I’m guessing .
  10. I’ve just installed a new turbo on my 2006 bf xr6 turbo , Same stock turbo no mods , my old turbo bearings sh*t itself . Installed the new app turbo , the car runs fine now , however after about 10 minutes of driving the car will start to idle real rough almost like it’s going to run out of fuel.. if I let it sit and rest for a bit it’s fine but then will do the same process . Would this be a coil / spark plug issue ? I’ve changed the oil , oil filter fuel filter . Next will be the coils and plugs . Anyone had this issue
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