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  1. I saw Big Dans go 1001rwKW at a dyno day. 1360rwhp, say 20% driveline loss 1632hp engine. The one your talking about Jet is that Spiro from Dragons Lair? RIP. I think Dyno-Mite GMKLR may be more than Big Dans. GT55
  2. RynoF6


    Yeah for sure! Ive had coil, fuel pump problems and best run had the handbrake half stuck on. Im hoping it will go 135+mph. Your definately making the power for roll on 3rd gear wheelspin, seems wierd mine still does it with traction control on. With the power and no lag Bombers has id imagine it would be even more of a wheelspin beast. I think the 76 would be very agressive coming onto boost.
  3. RynoF6


    Yeah should be able to spin all of third! Maybe even 4th with those 245s
  4. RynoF6


    You can hear me easing it in at start of vid. I also run 285 nitto semis. On eth can fry them at 140 if ya wish. I dont see how an earlier spooling turbo with more power down low is of benefit. It will just spin more. Use the lag for traction and ramp up into it.
  5. RynoF6


    GTX82r on 98, 400rwkw. Soft change into 4th. Ethanol is just insane but dont have video. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QVq9JHObJeg
  6. RynoF6


    All that comes down to traction.
  7. RynoF6


    I dont think so. Coming in harder down low will just induce more wheelspin. Its not bout when it spools on the road. When moving why not just put in a gear you make boost? Off the line both are smokeshow just who can peddle it the best at the time. On a roll no way. I think chosing the 76 over the 82 isnt worth it.
  8. RynoF6


    Id like to see GTX3582r vs GTX3576r on the street.
  9. Im tuned on eflex but its a 80km round trip to the nearest. Car doesnt get driven much but united e85 is a lot more readily available to me(10km from home). I have been using e85 from united and mixing it down to eflex content with 98 for the good part of a year. In jerry cans with m2 lube added. Even made a trip from Newcastle to Brisbane mixing it down. United e85 avail the whole way up new england hwy. I do need a United e85 tune though.
  10. My Original one did 120,000kms and it started leaking on the outside only, few drops of coolant on the garage floor I found. Replaced with new factory item. Has less than 5,000 on new one.
  11. Damn If I had of seen this earlier.... When is the next time Ryan?
  12. ^^^ lol. 5mins after getting 450rwkw this happened to me.
  13. Aussie you finally gunna build yours?
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