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  1. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Just completed and passed a certificate 4 in “Electrical installations in hazardous areas” HV/LV/ELV and certification of existing hazardous areas with the pathway to Diploma well and truly started it was without a doubt one of the hardest assessments ever due to the risk associated with installations and having the ability to now certify others Pretty happy with myself
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    Not really lexxy, I’ve tuned a 6466 and didn’t think much of it in the 1.07 rear configuration that they come in as a “bolt on” application even though they’re not a “bolt on” classed turbo ( well what we typically accept as bolt on within this forum ) if selected to specifications like how XFT/MT set them up the numbers are brilliant but yeh the lack of water cooling definitely 100% effects reliability on the falcon platform Hey @MattyPI've had one customer with a 58mm hybrid from That company and I’m not super impressed at all and you’ll find the poor lad who currently has an active thread on this forum has also found out the hard way about what some places pass off as acceptable..... that said the 69mm combo like you’ve got does look to be a interesting unit so far , time will tell haha WTF matty 42* ambient is a no no to the max
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    That’s a nice sheet and the 6235 is the only precision I like for the XR6T !
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    Always in one form or another
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    CMS tune the 450 @MattyP ?
  6. Heritage listed cubby at that, 50K
  7. 590Rwkw Ba Xr6t Sedan

    No doubt about it she’s one modified BA , what ring gap did you go with ?
  8. fg engine rebuild

    I agree with @HI PSI Re: JE pistons, love them and they’re all made per batch and a serial code applied so if you ever destroy one piston you can get an exact replacement ! LOLWUT @[email protected] Agree with @arronm for a cost effective solution regarding a new FG short is ~$3500 and can happily sit in the 500rwkw area as is
  9. fg engine rebuild

    Sheettt, yeh that’s up there for a $30 piston lol ummm I wouldn’t go the CAPA package as Diamond pistons are a bit undesirable ... Atomic do a cheaper superleggra/streettorque 550kw kit that might be what will suit you I’m not super familiar with what’s on offer in NSW but you need to understand that final fit of parts typically requires balancing and material take off, rings need to be filed to suit and the list goes on, so a knowledgeable machine shop with experience in setting a barra up can definitely be the difference between good and not so good. Atomic is in NSW and Brad does offer full machine facilities.... might be worth deciding now how far you want to go as its a slippery slope once you get into it
  10. Mate no offence but that’s a shocker and you’re clearly having boost delivery/stability issues that shootout mode is wrong too
  11. fg engine rebuild

    If keeping it under 550rwkw or 23ish psi you don’t have to girdle but studs on the mains definitely are a must do I’d go an ACL ring vs a stock ring and depending how far you go I would loosen up the ring by another bit ( that was technical but #enginebuildingsecrets lol ) IF by some miracle and possible with only 9k the boars are straight you could go a factory piston/ring no worries if budget is really on your side but again a smidge off final fit on ring vs stock Atomic 12mm headstuds and factory gasket no worries, match it up with a 28mm OS washer and you’re peaches to 120ft/lb
  12. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    So after having a moment in life where I thought about taking my self back to tafe to " gain knowledge " and better my self I have joined a dyno and basic tuning course on wednesday nights, puerly to better my skill base and gain more respect for tuning. So as it stands last night was a blast ran over some safety stuff and got into it, we are using a mainline 500 chassis dyno and a mainline proflow engine dyno all latest and greatest gear First up we ran through the screens/display on the monitors and went through different pages keeping note where to fill out info and make each run correct data wise for future referance, fair bit to remember but iam sure ill pick it up more and more Intresting fact I didnt think was a mainline feature was ramp rates and the direct effect it can have on a run, honestly thought this was a D/D thing First car up was a toyota corolla completely set up with EGT probes close to the head, and all the normal sensors connected as normal ( no obd2 ) Had a few runs looking at what to expect at idle and as temp rises, and the relation of the results and heat , then we started playing with a few timing marks and the effects of retarding timing and the way the egt's sky rocket with small ajustments ( crazy stuff imho ) and also the loss of power/torque readings After we did a bit of theory we went to look at the engine dyno and the engines avaliable to play with, set up and real time tune. First off the batt is a GEN 3 with cam, hedders, intake using a autronic sm4 with Kalmaker software ( 350fwkw ) Also a red 202, boss 5.4,ecotech 3.8,4age, and some others . Next week we will look at the flow bench and are aloud to bring in anything we want flow tested and some basics on CNC porting effects etc etc, So far fairly stoked with whats happening and the fact we will be tuning cars with ecu's not just dizzys.tafe have been supplied a large range of cars including a 3.5 ralliart magna on NOS with ajustable shot and a VQ stato with 5.0, 5.7 vx wagon and the rolla and any car we want to bring along The lecutrer has done over 6000 runs with not one poped donk so far so I feel its my right to bugger that right up for him with my car lol Pourpose of this thread is to share my experiance and a bit of q and a with people who may know about tuning as HP TUNERS is avaliable for use aswell and I can see myself buying this softwear to eventually play around with Good times a comming boys !
  13. fg engine rebuild

    Piston selection is a crucial balancing act and definitely something to ponder but there’s loads of them out there Yes spool is a cheaper option and yes they aren’t as quite as others so that’s the trade right there cosworth is arguably the best piston money can buy for this engine platform and exclusively built for Brad at atomic you get everything here ( quiet/massive HP capacity ) but cost is the offset Manley have a decent piston with skirt coatings for a reasonable dollar and a pretty decent all round offering Mahale have the FGF6 piston that’s a semi forged item, super cheap super quiet but imho rated to 25psi absolutely maximum on E85 probably 22psi on 98 as the ringlands ( on stock ring gap )and technology within the piston isn’t there for a mass production offering Mahale also offer a range of other pistons to suit the falcon XR6T with very good manners and costs any piston that’s a semi forged will be cold quieter than forged full forged has bigger power capacity cast pistons are the cheapest and quietest now here’s where it gets funky..... the cast pistons in the FG Xr6t are (IMHO) better at bigger power than the FG F6 semi forged Mahale piston ( weird I know ) the ringlands on cast pistons have more “flex” than semi or full forged ( on stock ring gap ) getting a new set of FG pistons/rings but say a spool Rod will happily crank out 550rwkw with an appropriate ring gap to suit the target boost/fuel with factory PTB clearance sooooo many ways to skin a cat on a budget as above , got some coin and want to push it go Cosworth with a 0.50 over and hone and line boar the block to suit with a torque plate on to the stud pressure you’re going to run basically how fast can your wallet go ?
  14. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Love you too
  15. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Yeh mate I can but when I bolt it onto your standard engine and make over a half metric megawatt of power and your old stock gear changer misses a beat at the track one or twice don’t blame me or you can and we can all have a lol about it
  16. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Honestly Rab I have NFI what the clown is on about the owner of FPV HEL is Ethan and I’m doubtful he’s ever been on here the car is currently stripped and Ethan snapped the E drum completely off the inputshaft ( yeh the input shaft is still intact lol ) but this was ages after the drags he’s going to install a glide and building an engine as we speak and I’m helping him through the process, I actually gave wrong information initially about the oil pick up instslled height but quickly rectified my txt as seen here yesterday Anyway bum holes it’s the wife’s birthday today and I’ll be back in the morning to continue the fun got better things to do right now
  17. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Holey scheet, I go out for dinner with the wife and it blows out .... fair call I like that now some might of already twigged that this isn’t a random person and isn’t a customer of mine at all as the owner of FPV HEL talks to me regularly and there’s zero issues at all ever and clearly lucky for me I spend time with my customers on and off the track as this isn’t a business for me, yeh that’s right flogging that horse again but I enjoy doing this and I enjoy going to the track with customers.... I posted up EXACTLY what happened at the track, yeh so what it didn’t go as fastasi wanted it to but I’m not the driver and it’s not my car !! Theres absoulutely not a single thing in this at all but I bet the @lochie58 doesn’t want to get into it as I have ZERO to worry about as I’m transparent as glass with all my doings and sometimes undoings ( rarely but hey no ones perfect ) Anyway and please I encourage anyone to talk about me and what I do in any light they’ve had with me as I’m not going to lie nor do I need to I’m fairly confident I have a 100% happy customer base and would be interested in anything but this from the horses mouthes thanks for the support fellas as I’m sure everyone CLEARLY knows by now what I’m about and the passion I have for doing the right thing by customers even if that costs me money out of my own pocket this has and never will be about money and will always be about working with people who want me to work on their cars And I’ll never force a situation ( except for your mums titties on my face ) like it or not ill call a spade a spade and this might upset some people/company’s but guess what, I don’t Give 2 bags of sh*t if you don’t like facts as it will come thick and fast and if you got a problem nearly everyone has my number or knows where I live , come see me Cheers, thanks, ta
  18. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    But wait until you see me put a big turbo in the left field sooon just have to wait for my local Automasters to work it out too is it like shot put ??
  19. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    ^^^ can’t use tarzans grip, must use clagg you see ^^^
  20. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Dunno what you’re talking about , I got a Xcal 1 that I use to tune all the ZF equipped cars
  21. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    It wasn’t fair to the others so we ran it in reverse so killing it with flat 8’s
  22. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Nar full disclosure bro that’s why I charge them twice you see gotta get with the times
  23. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    That’s when I take it to another workshop get them to do it and say I’ve done it works a treat
  24. This is where we should have been years ago , love it and now make a Barra into one DOD was a good idea for the V8 crowd but just didn’t really work that well but this is brilliant and next level loving where technology is taking us

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