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  1. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    What about the wiz bang Holset ?
  2. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    So after having a moment in life where I thought about taking my self back to tafe to " gain knowledge " and better my self I have joined a dyno and basic tuning course on wednesday nights, puerly to better my skill base and gain more respect for tuning. So as it stands last night was a blast ran over some safety stuff and got into it, we are using a mainline 500 chassis dyno and a mainline proflow engine dyno all latest and greatest gear First up we ran through the screens/display on the monitors and went through different pages keeping note where to fill out info and make each run correct data wise for future referance, fair bit to remember but iam sure ill pick it up more and more Intresting fact I didnt think was a mainline feature was ramp rates and the direct effect it can have on a run, honestly thought this was a D/D thing First car up was a toyota corolla completely set up with EGT probes close to the head, and all the normal sensors connected as normal ( no obd2 ) Had a few runs looking at what to expect at idle and as temp rises, and the relation of the results and heat , then we started playing with a few timing marks and the effects of retarding timing and the way the egt's sky rocket with small ajustments ( crazy stuff imho ) and also the loss of power/torque readings After we did a bit of theory we went to look at the engine dyno and the engines avaliable to play with, set up and real time tune. First off the batt is a GEN 3 with cam, hedders, intake using a autronic sm4 with Kalmaker software ( 350fwkw ) Also a red 202, boss 5.4,ecotech 3.8,4age, and some others . Next week we will look at the flow bench and are aloud to bring in anything we want flow tested and some basics on CNC porting effects etc etc, So far fairly stoked with whats happening and the fact we will be tuning cars with ecu's not just dizzys.tafe have been supplied a large range of cars including a 3.5 ralliart magna on NOS with ajustable shot and a VQ stato with 5.0, 5.7 vx wagon and the rolla and any car we want to bring along The lecutrer has done over 6000 runs with not one poped donk so far so I feel its my right to bugger that right up for him with my car lol Pourpose of this thread is to share my experiance and a bit of q and a with people who may know about tuning as HP TUNERS is avaliable for use aswell and I can see myself buying this softwear to eventually play around with Good times a comming boys !
  3. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Back into doing what I really enjoy as a hobby and it’s far more exciting than playing soccer ( sorry world cup lol ) but I’ve had Alex’s built BA beast on the Dyno, marks white 500rwkw ute and last night Andrew’s FGX XR8 with the supercharged 5.0 lots going on but ive had to step up Alex’s @pro_xw98‘s boost control system as it’s making already 300rwkw @ 9psi with a progressive peak and seen over 500rwkw already at 21psi progressive with the big precision 7675 and far too much too soon when bringing it on quicker. It was worth a shot at making what he had work before spending more money but wasn’t to be Marks ute hit the rollers for a genral check up and seeing the Circle D converter has “loosened” up a small touch has made the ute increasingly more aggressive which is interesting to say the least haha then onto Andrews FGX with the sweet sweet V8 alloy supercharged goodness wanting ultimately bang for buck a Tune Only was the ticket as he had already fitted a Aeroflow pod replacement hi flow Air filter ( I typically would of used a K&N ). The FGX has a decent amount of further torque reduction and general power subtraction strategies over the FG GT/GS for instance and definitely shows up in the baseline runs 288rwkw was all she had and it’s obvious where in the graph Ford are pulling power out or adding way to much fuel in and being counter productive for generating power. All said and done 359rwkw and that makes a total of 71rwkw on a “tune only” which is bloody amazing really seeing anywhere from 60rwkw to 75rwkw is the ballpark for most workshops and the “tune only” status and most included the Pod filter after the baseline so 71 is really good and I’m very happy with the before and after and didn’t need to spin the engine past factory redline too which most lift by another 500rpm or so on the street it’s chalk and cheese the difference and now it spins the 275 sport Maxx tyres pretty hard with ease whereas it didn’t spin at all with all the torque management left on which is a bit boring for a factory supercharged vehicle stay tooned for more soon
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    Hahaha true still keen to see another coffee spilling fly by
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    On that note, Top Gun 2 is coming Yeh Boi (insert Kenny Loggins)
  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    Came up with “Error 404”
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    Been playing 1’s and 0’s ready for rollers tomorrow wait, that’s not a 6T, or is it ....
  8. Black smoke runs rough

    Yeh , nar ..... it needs to be tuned to suit “Before” you hit the key buddy Schweet shot though and a very good chance the tune shop will need to address your pump installation anyway so you’ve probably saved nothing but wasted half your day on the flip side your results are 100% spot on for the installation , that’s a win though ?
  9. @Craigoss and I have already spoken ( he will have to excuse me as I had to delete a stack of inbox messages recently so can’t be 100% sure as I receive quite a few ) Hopefully when he’s ready I’m here to help and we can touch base again thinking it’s time to change user names hey @camo86T.... to superdoopertrooperdieselclubsportchargertuner ? Kind of just rolls off the tongue hey
  10. Kind of impressed with this little rocket and if I wanted to downsize I think it could happen for this what does everyone else think ? Plus I giggle hard at John’s reviews
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    I rarely ask honestly
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    No idea really, I know it’s popular but I’m not on FB so I don’t see all the “latest n greatest” things the world has to offer and we all know that’s the bench mark for life and achievements haha
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Maybe, who knows, keen on the diesel stuff since buying the Prado so ya never know, Daz only recently got rid of his 17 wildtrack dammit !! Could of R&D’s the pants off of it
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Oh yeh
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    The manliest
  16. The Off Topic Thread.

    Have cold/flu happiness not
  17. The Off Topic Thread.

    Derpppp , no way keihfiey more of whatever I missed stat !
  18. Valve springs?

    The current Plazmaman valve springs can handle 23psi and 500rwkw without any issues at all old ones definitely not
  19. Valve springs?

    Neg plazmaman have a new spring that's replaced a generic version about 8 months ago now and they’re really good , Atomic do different spec springs also that are brilliant Crows are good but also have rocker to retainer clearance touch issues that’s well documented
  20. Its a tuff one mate, you want to help everyone yet you end up with a bunch of people who waste your time and have to accept that’s part of the gig at the same time try to help the genuine ones what would you do in the reverse application ???
  21. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Sorry mate I’ve had a big loss in the family and I’ve had to put everything on hold for a few weeks as I’ve got more important things to deal with customers have understood and are waiting updates soon
  22. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Love a good timing assembly
  23. Bang For Buck Fgt

    Ok lads I wanted to share something on the small end of the spectrum in regards to a very common vehicle and mod path, the old FG XR6T and small outlay for now a good result. Yeh it might not be a record setting effort but its practical and now has a slip to back up what we predicted at the finish up of tuning on this particular car. So first thing is everyone wants performance and small outlay, very typically these DONT go hand in hand but even for today's standards this is not bad 2009 FG XR6T with ZF auto PARTS LIST FG F6 injectors 42 lb PIPE KIT ( herrods ) 100cpi metal cat AIR BOX MOD K&N PANEL FILTER Walbro 255ltr intank HP TUNE 98 fuel that was all the hardware that was attached to performance but this vehicle had a major in house service,zf cooler kit,drag et's to get traction but that's about it. First up we spent quite a long time custom tuning this car to get a best mix of outright rwkw/average power/repeatability..... Sounds funny but you can mix it up to a nice balance So it only rolled up 292rwkw with a bunch of stock parts and the tiny cooler always being the achillies heel at this point, but today after a quick check up on thursday it went out and popped off an 11.90 on its first run at 25 degrees ambient and then completed a bunch of 12.05/8/9's all at 114/115mph I suppose iam quite happy to share this small achievement with the customer as we feel we put alot of effort into the cars we did and hopefully the passion shows in the results, these hard parts are easily accessible to anyone and with correct tuning a similar result can be had for you to. Happy to chat about anything to help take your FGT into an 11 second street driven beast
  24. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Hahaha sounds like a plan mate
  25. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    When you bringing it down for a tune then Andy

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