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  1. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    So after having a moment in life where I thought about taking my self back to tafe to " gain knowledge " and better my self I have joined a dyno and basic tuning course on wednesday nights, puerly to better my skill base and gain more respect for tuning. So as it stands last night was a blast ran over some safety stuff and got into it, we are using a mainline 500 chassis dyno and a mainline proflow engine dyno all latest and greatest gear First up we ran through the screens/display on the monitors and went through different pages keeping note where to fill out info and make each run correct data wise for future referance, fair bit to remember but iam sure ill pick it up more and more Intresting fact I didnt think was a mainline feature was ramp rates and the direct effect it can have on a run, honestly thought this was a D/D thing First car up was a toyota corolla completely set up with EGT probes close to the head, and all the normal sensors connected as normal ( no obd2 ) Had a few runs looking at what to expect at idle and as temp rises, and the relation of the results and heat , then we started playing with a few timing marks and the effects of retarding timing and the way the egt's sky rocket with small ajustments ( crazy stuff imho ) and also the loss of power/torque readings After we did a bit of theory we went to look at the engine dyno and the engines avaliable to play with, set up and real time tune. First off the batt is a GEN 3 with cam, hedders, intake using a autronic sm4 with Kalmaker software ( 350fwkw ) Also a red 202, boss 5.4,ecotech 3.8,4age, and some others . Next week we will look at the flow bench and are aloud to bring in anything we want flow tested and some basics on CNC porting effects etc etc, So far fairly stoked with whats happening and the fact we will be tuning cars with ecu's not just dizzys.tafe have been supplied a large range of cars including a 3.5 ralliart magna on NOS with ajustable shot and a VQ stato with 5.0, 5.7 vx wagon and the rolla and any car we want to bring along The lecutrer has done over 6000 runs with not one poped donk so far so I feel its my right to bugger that right up for him with my car lol Pourpose of this thread is to share my experiance and a bit of q and a with people who may know about tuning as HP TUNERS is avaliable for use aswell and I can see myself buying this softwear to eventually play around with Good times a comming boys !
  2. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Yeh I’ve met some wonderful engineers and mechanics in my time and neither of them would want to develop anything of importance that’s for sure haha Trent it’s all about the love that makes them sooo good weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    FTFY. Cheers
  4. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    The undertray has a job to do, you should know this do I show everything I do in my kits, NO do I have over 50 ZF’s with my cooler kit on them for up to 5 years now with not one issue ever YES have I EVER had a failed ZF, NO Ive done my R&D and I’ve got a 100% happy customer base... Move on Mechanic/Engineer as your thoughts here aren’t needed
  5. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    You’ve made an assumption there’s no air flow there...... when you mechanic and engineer better do some actual homework on the falcon platform please old dog new tricks huh .....
  6. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Wow great you can contribute bugger all again as we’ve been missing it around here its my pleasure to install products and make everything worse than factory just so you can post something “helpful” one day when you actually have a chance to do a bulk gather of data and change everything possible to firm up your generated data then rinse and repeat over a 6 month period to a “best outcome” please come back and be informative but until then feel free to Fhuck off
  7. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Only time will tell if they go the distance but initially really good feel,bite, and no dust evidence so far and they’re similar pricing to Mu’s DBA obviously have a good reputation disk wise so I would be surprised if the pads didn’t turn out to stay at this initial level of quality
  8. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Lots going on all the time and some beautiful rides getting the golden touch lately hahaha anyway had Sam bring his FG XR6T 50th in for a heat exchanger removal and one of my Transmission cooler kits installed Then Had Rich’s F6 needing a set of pads and I’ve gone in a different direction this time to try a new product that Matty @ RACEBRAKES has recommended I try out and with a few hundred kms already on them I can say very confidently that they are a brilliant pad and may very vell be giving the Pmu’s a solid kick up the bum in the street pad category. Specs are 500*+ and super low dust with sim backs for zero squealing and dry installation The “ol death rumble” come to visit @Mrpunk‘s FG stock turbocharger at nearly bang on 100,000kms so we had decided for now a stock genuine Garrett rebuild was in order and Dion asked ever so nicely for a spekky engine bay detail and how could I say no to a good clean up ! Before After Gave @bloosted a had doing a Diff bush and front link pins on a Terri using the new Whiteline black series bush that are my pick lately for comfort and durability And finally @Roo32 has a new set of wheels and she’s looking really nice now with that suspension I installed a few weeks back all settled in
  9. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    @STAINLESS again plz love you
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeh look I don’t want to bash anyone but it’s just not as simple as some think, bit like any platform, I’m no good at many different tuning softwares but I’m the first to let someone know I can’t instead of arrogantly saying I can do it all
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    I just had to help a bloke/workshop in NSW who’s “apparently” got the runs on the board with the fastest GTS bomadore and some wizardry in-ter-chilling Technologys....... ( yes I’ve done that on purpose lol ) who would pick it up in a few hours as he’s a “Gun tuner” well this poor bloke now has an Eboost 2 on his FGX set to one point as his tuner thinks it would take to long to tune the falcon boost tables .... and apparently ID injectors aren’t suited to the falcon and will blow black smoke Yeh it’s not rocket science but it definitely isn’t simple like some think for the record that tuner spent nearly 4 days on that FGX and it’s still terrible as his listening skills go as well as his tuning skills unfortunately
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

  13. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    Hahaha no one except QLD talks HP anymore I see whats happened
  14. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    Yeh the opening line says 585 through the BTR though
  15. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    The Precision is going well, that 430 graph previous was a tryre frying set up though did you havea graph for the 500 plus and the BTR ?
  16. ba xr6t road to 500+rwkw

    Nice numbers mate got a Graph ?
  17. What Made You Feel Good Today

    The wife and I snuk off for a week holiday kiddy free ( cheers nanny ) loving it up the top in the penthouse with a good view and an amazing restaurant here
  18. Oh yeh I see what you’re saying the difference is Kia has used hardware to stop power generation whereas Ford used the ECU I think the trans will kick the bucket first !
  19. Why are you surprised on the engine holding together ?
  20. ^^^ this is Torx but it sounds good ^^^ Some may know but Jonny Tig has been working with Madaz motorsports and had their R&D stinger upto 293rwkw about a month ago with an intake/exhaust and intercooler kit untuned !
  21. What Made You Feel Good Today

    The high level of trees around there makes it picturesque and quite, just around the corner lives the shanins, that’s a mansion that thing .... pop round for some sugar and a C coffee haha
  22. What Made You Feel Good Today

    It’s on EOI and Springfield has dropped a fair bit in the past three years , realistically it would go for 2.75 up to 3.5 but it’s expected growth in the next 10 years would be a solid investment ! Not to mention living in springfield would be funny to write as the address, might have to change my name to Homer
  23. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Had a look for a new house the other day, can anyone pick why I like this one ....
  24. It’s actually a sweet little rig the N
  25. Plazmaman Valve Springs/Installers?

    Hey mate, I’ve done plenty of Plazmaman valvesprings in my time and the latest series from Plazmaman is a really good spring so you’ll have no issues buzz me a PM and I’ll see what I can do for you

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