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  1. Poor freaky hahaha
  2. Top piks are for BF 2 ute with territory rear calipers bottom picks are for FG G6ET/XR6T bottom box on bottom piks are FG Fronts
  3. Took the wife out to dinner minus the kiddies for a whole hour ! 400G rump and chips went very well
  4. Yeh it's been a crazy time but I've enjoyed it all, fahurk off this hot weather and I'll be peachy though lol ^^^^^ and that \!/ above ^^^^^
  5. That's the kit matey
  6. Ya win some and ya loose some hey mate
  7. Them seats look the part and I don't mind the door cards as well
  8. What do you think happens to Load points/Fueling/Timing maps when you effectively lift compression yes it needs dyno time,they always do and no there's no safe way around it until it's tuned right to suit the changed boost target
  9. Soon Patrick, soon
  10. So after having a moment in life where I thought about taking my self back to tafe to " gain knowledge " and better my self I have joined a dyno and basic tuning course on wednesday nights, puerly to better my skill base and gain more respect for tuning. So as it stands last night was a blast ran over some safety stuff and got into it, we are using a mainline 500 chassis dyno and a mainline proflow engine dyno all latest and greatest gear First up we ran through the screens/display on the monitors and went through different pages keeping note where to fill out info and make each run correct data wise for future referance, fair bit to remember but iam sure ill pick it up more and more Intresting fact I didnt think was a mainline feature was ramp rates and the direct effect it can have on a run, honestly thought this was a D/D thing First car up was a toyota corolla completely set up with EGT probes close to the head, and all the normal sensors connected as normal ( no obd2 ) Had a few runs looking at what to expect at idle and as temp rises, and the relation of the results and heat , then we started playing with a few timing marks and the effects of retarding timing and the way the egt's sky rocket with small ajustments ( crazy stuff imho ) and also the loss of power/torque readings After we did a bit of theory we went to look at the engine dyno and the engines avaliable to play with, set up and real time tune. First off the batt is a GEN 3 with cam, hedders, intake using a autronic sm4 with Kalmaker software ( 350fwkw ) Also a red 202, boss 5.4,ecotech 3.8,4age, and some others . Next week we will look at the flow bench and are aloud to bring in anything we want flow tested and some basics on CNC porting effects etc etc, So far fairly stoked with whats happening and the fact we will be tuning cars with ecu's not just dizzys.tafe have been supplied a large range of cars including a 3.5 ralliart magna on NOS with ajustable shot and a VQ stato with 5.0, 5.7 vx wagon and the rolla and any car we want to bring along The lecutrer has done over 6000 runs with not one poped donk so far so I feel its my right to bugger that right up for him with my car lol Pourpose of this thread is to share my experiance and a bit of q and a with people who may know about tuning as HP TUNERS is avaliable for use aswell and I can see myself buying this softwear to eventually play around with Good times a comming boys !
  11. Thanks keif Yes it's going to get the full bolt in Venom exhaust in due course and I'll say that will bring the top end right up to around the 315/320 mark once re tuned
  12. Dat domed ceiling doe !!! nice pad Dan
  13. Had the pleasure of turning Taylors FG turbo ute from stock to a 300rwkw beast using limited but quality parts and utilising the factory hardware the best I can, the build list is only Plazmaman bolt in 700hp cooler kit Plazmaman's intake muffler delete kit ID1000's Airbox mod Venom bolt in cat section major engine service Major cooling system service full custom tune with progressive boost ramp as per request... done the closest possible to a stock vs modded overlay as all of the hardware was all fitted upon the baseline run so there's a few extra rwkw's there and a leaner than stock fuel map but you get the gist I did manage 304rwkw and a bunch more Torques but it needed a few extra psi I just felt it didn't need and the justification wasn't there imho but what would I know hey so I pulled it back to 300 on the dot !
  14. Congrats stripey, it's all working out for you
  15. I think you need to squeeze in on the ECU sticker "JETURBO FOR BEING JETURBO" just seems fitting hahaha, looking good Marcus BTR oil needs to opperate normally at 85-95* and can safely fluctuate up to 130* Celsius under stall/hard work conditions but you want your coolers to drag down high temps quickly for when they do rise on thrash conditions A Hi stall converter can produce 10* of heat for every 2 seconds "on stall" with a big torque production engine
  16. My D/D dyno had TE recording and the Mainline I now use is roller NM but over all of my time playing with Dynos I've found a very basic and simple way to "almost" line the two up for a quick reference and that's as simple as dropping the last "0" you will be in the vicinity of 800NM of roller Torque, cheers,thanks,ta
  17. Yes E content fuels provide a greater power generation capacity as the E content is a slower burning alcohol so the burn cycle can be started earlier ( advance the timing ) even when octane points are identical 95 vs E10 95 E10 95 is very on par with 98 gasoline power output wise
  18. Please feel free to answer all my un answered PM guys hahaha I need all the help I can get sometimes
  19. There's so many ways to venture into the modification path and it can be done from an extreme budget to the point where it's done "comfortable" with good quality hardware used a G platform done correctly will run you around 10k on 98 for that 370rwkw done on the cheap with crap parts as low as say 5k its all depending how you go about things and how hard you want the car pushed to hit said figure for said dollar amount
  20. It's a crap way of getting a "metre marker" as hitting the 370rwkw power figures typically means a turbocharger upgrade so that induces lag to the low end spectrum for gains in the mid to top end then it comes into so many other factors regarding grip,stall speed etc etc a better way of pegging a guide is a typical FG XR6T/G6ET with the small turbo is doing the 1/4 mile in around 13.1 seconds when I do a FG stage 2 package I usually hit the 295-300rwkw mark and I've proven before many times that I can get the stage 2 pack into the 11 second bracket (11.86/11.92/11.81 ) and can 60ft sub 1.8 seconds easy, so roughly could take the 0-100kmh time easy under 5 seconds turn this into 370rwkw and at the track it's good for sub 11.5 across the 400mtrs so I would say comfortably under 4 seconds measured correctly
  21. Yeh it's a FPV platform so copped the twins
  22. We're back to four servos in SA for E85 ( MB,Airport,Parafield,seaton ) but there all within 100km of the CBD at a worst case ( Murry Bridge ) 400rwkw on a single wheeler isn't "to" bad depending on driving style a solid 360-370rwkw is a strong number where alot of standard parts will happily live for a long time even with abuse 400rwkw plus is the area some mechanical sympathy is needed for reliability and plus 500rwkw is a ticking time bomb, but I've tuned all scenarios with longer than expected results on all
  23. ###### .... keif the forum just hashtagged D u t c h R u d d er , why ?