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Transmission Problem HELP!!


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G'day G6eTurboDaily,


Have seen something similar on my mates F6, his dashboard would light up as well when under load and changing gears, the gearbox was saying something like 'over maximum torque limits'.

From memory it was all to do with the time between clutches letting go and grabbing while changing gears. He did however managed to get his gearbox re-programmed locally (here in Adelaide) for faster shift times between gears, it seemed to solve the issue.


Dunno if this helps but its just my 2 cents... maybe try the service first...

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Hi G6eTurboDaily, did you end up finding out what was going on? I've had the same issue come up. I was on the highway and went to overtake and it dropped to 3rd gear and had "Transmission Fault" show up on the dash. Once I turned it off, it went away but came on again a couple hours later once I hit 15PSI in 5th gear. I had the gearbox serviced about 3 months ago/5000kms ago, so I don't think it would be that. Just wondering if you found the issue. I'm thinking maybe a torque converter issue?

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it's not a good idea to load up any gearbox in a ratio above 1:1 (e.g. anything above 4th in a ZF in your example)... always load it up in an appropriate gear and tune it for the shifts if you need to get up the higher speeds that the loaded gear can't cope with.

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Recently purchased a 700+ Rwkw G6E Turbo that is also saying gearbox fault if put in "D" after half an hour or so.

It doesn't seem to do it if driving in tiptronic,

Although it usually does not seem to go to 6th in tiptronic without pushing shifter over into D.

The ZF tune seems a bit rough.


At around 40Kmh for example it bucks around into what seems like covertor lock up,

Or shifting up and down gears,

This is fixed by manually shifting,

Down a gear to stop it hunting.


It has a Haltech Plug in ECU if that helps.


Would like a decent ZF Tune in there,

As in "D" it barely drops a gear on the freeway.


Supposedly the ZF is built with the bigger Ford Input shaft,

And rated at 1000Hp.


So can anyone do a decent ZF Tune,

that can just be put into "D" for Drag Mode and drive well at that power level?



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