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  1. I bought the Borgwarner Dana Centre for an XR6T and got a diff specialist to put it into my housing. Both housings for the turbo either single spinner or LSD are the same size. Improvement is night and day, both Towing or not, it's just soooooo much better with the LSD. I can't believe the G6ET didn't come with LSD standard... It was a factory option when you ordered them.
  2. I put the standard LSD (same as the XR6) in purely for grip, I was in a situation that I couldn't accelerate out of as the road was slightly wet and I was towing a 6x4 trailer, power to 1 wheel is useless with all that torque.
  3. G'day FGxxxx, Just checking, Did you register your version of Forscan to get full access?
  4. You got a sunroof on yours... you bastard!!! now I know mines missing something... Love your wheels by the way the staggered rears looks awesome!
  5. I went the Borg Warner / Dana LSD centre ( Same as XR6T ) new from a reseller and have been very happy with it. I'm not sure I would go a second hand unit though. I purchased the diff centre before the car went in to get the bushes done, that way when the diff was out it was able to go to a diff specialist to get the centers swapped over that day. Some people go the true track versions ect. But they may not behave as you would expect a traditional LSD to behave.
  6. Hi MenaceG6ET, I have this exact kit in my FGX G6ET for about 20K (because at 16K on the Odo the ford one had already broken), I've been really happy as they haven't compromised the comfort ride at all an so far are holding up well. The only thing I can say that I notice is under full throttle in 2nd gear at about 80kph I can hear a little bit of extra noise through the rear suspension, that's it. BTW if your gonna drop the ass out of your car to re-do the diff bushes ect, do all of the replacable parts (rose joints ect) and if you dont already have an LSD, might as well sort that out too...
  7. G'day Falcs, unfortunately not. Ive plugged in to my mates mk2 fg and played around a bit, the ACM (audio control module) is both different from the one in the fgx & the asbuilt is set up different too. With the FGX when I found out it shared an ACM with some of the F150 range in the US, it gave me a good place to start searching and trying on my own bus. This ACM common to the F150 and a couple of US only fords was connected to a Sony AMP in a few audio upgraded models, hence these options existing in the module in the first place. As far as I can tell even though the ACM in the FG mk2 shares a module or 2 with some lincolns ect its a no go. Sorry.
  8. G'day G6eTurboDaily, Have seen something similar on my mates F6, his dashboard would light up as well when under load and changing gears, the gearbox was saying something like 'over maximum torque limits'. From memory it was all to do with the time between clutches letting go and grabbing while changing gears. He did however managed to get his gearbox re-programmed locally (here in Adelaide) for faster shift times between gears, it seemed to solve the issue. Dunno if this helps but its just my 2 cents... maybe try the service first...
  9. Do what I did this year, found a FGX G6ET with 15K on the clock added an LSD and just kept livin the dream...
  10. Yeah personally also not a massive fan of the Trutrack. I've gone with the Borg Warner/ Dana centre on my G6ET this time around and am very happy. (this is the same diff centre as the XR6T) I think this is the right ones... FORD PART NO: BG 4880 B, BG4880B.
  11. Hi All, I'm new here so go easy, and I'm hoping this can help! I just wanted to share some stuff on here as I had one hell of a time finding it out for myself. After hours of searching and much experimenting with my own FGX G6E I have finally got the Sync 2 Stereo in my FGX sounding right, and this was no easy task. Honestly even after changing all the speakers to quality splits, it souded like they all had pillows in front of them and the louder I turned up the volume, the worse this got. Something had to be done! I'm not going to go into the install of the components but more along the lines of what As-Built Settings you need to change to get your custom speaker/Amp/sub install sounding as it should. You can in fact re-program the Sync 2 to give you Preset Equaliser options, and you can re-program the Audio Control Module (ACM) to output line out levels (RCA +4Volts) from the speaker wires, not only this but you can also re-program the ACM to give you a flat unprocessed output from 20-20000hz and I'll explain why this is important shortly. I have a G6ET which is fitted with the premium audio, and although I haven't tried these mods on any other FGX vehicles, I reckon there is a good chance they will work on all of them. Anyway for me I have purchased a monoblock amp replaced the sub in the rear parcel shelf, changed the speakers and have them running off of a 4 channel amp. The Sub amp gets its signal from the front speaker cables. For those interested the Speaker cables in the front kick panels are the same colour coding as the FG MK2 (which I owned previously also) Right Front: Grey/Green (Neg-) & Grey/Black (Pos+) Right Rear: Blue/Red (Neg+) & Blue Black(Pos+) Left Front: Orange/Light Green (Neg-) & Orange/Black (Pos+) Left Rear: Pink/Green (Neg-) & Pink/Black (Pos+) Once you are wired up you will need to use FORscan(software on Win10) and an OBDLink MX adaptor (tool which plugs into you OBD port) to change the following AS-Built data (sorry you'll have work out this bit for yourself) To Get the Preset Equaliser Options in Sync 2 you will need to change the following; Select the APIM Module, and change the value of the large X to 8. 7D0-01-02 xxxx xXxx xxxx - Enables Preset EQ 0 (Disabled - Default) 8 (Enabled) My original string looked like this 7D0-01-02 0420 0200 0000 With the Preset Equaliser Enabled it looks like this 7D0-01-02 0420 0800 0000 Once Written, Sync will reset itself and the Preset EQ settings should appear. To Disable Factory EQ Processing (This does not affect the BASS/MID/TREB control or the Preset EQs they will still work, this only effects what the ACM does after all of that) The Factory EQ processing that the ACM changes are the Bass and Treble frequencies, it effectively 'rolls them off' as you turn the volume up and that's why the louder it goes the worse it sounds (even with all new amps and speakers) I believe Ford use this fuction to stop your average Motorist from blowing up their crappy factory speakers whilst turning up there favourite tracks. *Prior to doing this modification, turn your volume down* Select the ACM Module and change the values as follows 727-01-02 xXxx - Disables Factory EQ Processing 1 (Enabled - Default) 0 (Disabled) My original string looked like this 727-01-02 0132 With the factory EQ processing disable it looks like this 727-01-02 0032 Once this is written and you cycle the car off/on you will notice a big difference in the sound, especially as you turn the volume up. It will also be alot louder so make sure all your gains on your amps are down as wellyou should now have a clear and unprocessed signal going to your speaker wires (still at speaker level output voltages) In theory you could just have aftermarket speakers connected to the head unit without any amps and they should sound much better, but I have not tried this so proceed with caution. To Change the ACM output Voltage From factory to drive the speakers I believe this comes out at up to about +8V (controlled by the volume control) on the speaker wires as listed above, to be clear, this doesn't magically give you RCA output and bypass the existing amplifier, it only changes the output voltage, so you wouldn't have to use a Speaker Level to RCA level converter to connect to the RCA inputs on your aftermarket amplifier. it also helps avoid 'potential' signal clipping, which once amplified can destroy speakers. Select the ACM Module and change the following values 727-01-01 xxXx xxxx xxxx - Enables Line Level Output 0 (Disabled - Default) 5 (Enabled) My original string looked like this 727-01-01 9E01 1800 806E With the line level output enabled 727-01-01 9E51 1800 806E So you could now hook up your RCA plugs to you speaker wires! always remember to turn down all your volumes/gains prior to trying some music. Your volume control will work as normal. If you are not happy you can just put your old values back in and re-write them to the modules as discussed, Please Make shure you save your factory values before proceeding with these Mods. Hopefully this helps and offers hope to some of you who like myself think the Ford Premium Audio Systems are just not up to scratch (lucky they are so good to drive!)
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