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Easing Minds Oil Pump


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I had an atomic oil pump on my 395kw typhoon and bounced it of the limiter a few times doing power skids, it didn't break so it was money well spent in my eyes.

Would it have died without the modified housings? I can't answer that confidently, but my atomic one didn't and that's all I cared about.

When I decide to modify my manual fg xr6t guess what oil pump it will be getting without a second thought?!

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Well if the housings do indeed crack from excess pressure then a modified housing to be able to flow more is a good Idea, I haven't heard of much cracked housings but heard many times of broken gears. These engines were not designed to rev high.

Perhaps some people who have had cracked housings could pitch in, there seems to be many people offering the drop in gears but not so much people the whole pump.

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Funny enough guys. My oil pump failed last night. Ive heard a few hopefull cases were people have had no damage to engine. Wat are my chances? Talked to high torque cause the car won't turn over. They said the oil pump has jammed the timing chain.

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