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  1. I like the stinger and people have already started tuning them and doing a few bolt ons and getting good results
  2. I’m going to keep it pretty basic and am only aiming for around the 330-340 mark, I don’t intend on taking it to the strip cause I have a gtr for that. It’s just going to be a quick street car that can dust off a hsv should one annoy me, I should also mention it’s a manual
  3. It’s not making more yet but I plan on playing with it this year and like you don’t want it breaking a tail shaft, also don’t want to waste money if the ute one is better
  4. Do people recommend upgrading the shaft on the utes as well or did they get a better one from the factory?
  5. Awesome thanks mate, I just want to do the basics and wasn't sure if I should be budgeting for the clutch as well
  6. Sorry to bring up an old post, did you need to change the factory clutch at that power level?
  7. Thank you so I just received recall notice for it
  8. After being out of an xr6t for 2 years I picked this up a couple of weeks ago is a manual with leather and only 34,500kms Don't know why the the image posted sideways
  9. Hated these tyre on my fg, ended up replacing them with bridgestones before they were even women out
  10. Mine did 395 which at that level you aren't going to notice 5kw
  11. Fit an f6 turbo, will come on boost sooner the a gtx82 and can make 400kw on 98
  12. I tried to look at a manual xr8 a couple of days ago and got told they aren't making any more manuals, so basically you find one someone has on the showroom floor or you settle for an auto
  13. Did you end up getting your car finished? I'm keen to hear how the race plenum drives.

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