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  1. So do people not run parkers with aftermarket intercoolers on the passenger side? Right above the piping in the picture is were the parker light is ment to be.
  2. There is only 2 silver pipes for the hot side. The other pipe was that pipe u said I didn't have lucky enough. Still got a little more cutting and trimming but it's starting to come together. I took a couple photos aswell. Can u completely ditch the standard bov or no? Cheers
  3. The bov adapter could really go anywhere else I'm guessing?
  4. That hammers is there ready for when I get angry. Ive seen different pics of his kits there all slightly different with different joiners witch makes it more confusing
  5. Do u mean its apart of the cold side piping?
  6. I've taken some photos of what I've completed so far. Ive fitted and mounted intercooler,put cold side piping in from throttle body. I've taken photos of what piping I have left and the beside battery turbo intake. Your help will be much appreciated it's a big headache atm. Cheers Ricky
  7. Hi all I braught a rapid kit around 10months ago. was going to sell car but im going to keep it now. Ive started fitting this kit. Ive got an issue with the beside the battery turbo intake not even being close. Does anyone have any pictures of this setup see if im doing anything wrong? Cheers
  8. Hi guys Can u modify the standard swirl pot for better flow at all? I was looking at ebays walbro and bigger swirl pots. But don't wanna pay that much if something can be done for free? Cheers
  9. Hi guys I've seen a couple threads awhile ago we're people have put plate blockers on the start of there cats to prevent overboosting before a tune is needed. Has anyone got any pics or how I can do this temporarily? Cheers
  10. Yeh not shore. The guy at high torque has done a few that have jammed the timing chain without Any issues except pump swap overs. That's why he reckons it's not starting. Will have to wait and see. All the spark plugs are good so atleast there's no holes in the pistons.
  11. Wat are my chances that the engines still ok? Hasn't been looked at yet. Most people on here that have done oil pumps done engine damage?
  12. Funny enough guys. My oil pump failed last night. Ive heard a few hopefull cases were people have had no damage to engine. Wat are my chances? Talked to high torque cause the car won't turn over. They said the oil pump has jammed the timing chain.
  13. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/120997625462?cmd=VIDESC&gxo=true I know it's an eBay item. But Wat are people thoughts
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