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Whats Everyone Do For A Crust?

Guest DZ.

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Guest harasn
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The XR6T was originally not going to be speed limited and the dam thing will wind out to 265+km/h. Then they decided to cut it back to 230km/h. It hits that speed very fast when you try!!!! :D B) . lacks traction on fast take off but hey that's fun!.

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Guest 3Toed
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I'm a Program Manager

Hey DZ., your title is a bit out of date. Shouldn't it be changed to Windows Explorer?!?!?!?! :lol: :P

Another IT hippy here. I'm a Systems Administrator working for a large software company looking after the Asia Pacific network infrastructure. Thank God for remote administration tools! I'm a Micro$oft man but I've just started mucking around with Linux and I love it. Getting paid to muck around with computers... ah, that's the life!

As for my age... I turn 28 in 8 days... on St. Andrews day!



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Guest xlr8_2001
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Yeah well im not really considered as anything at the moment seeing I just finished high school (finally :D ) and I haven't started uni yet so I guess I could be considered as a 'drinker', 'couch potato', or even a 'bum'.. whatever you want to classify me as I wont care cuz im having an awesome time not having to care about anything.. hoorah!! :D

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