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Whats Everyone Do For A Crust?

Guest DZ.

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  • I'm Back!! Thats right, long over due! :)
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lol :D

And the topic just goes downhill from here doesn't it...lol.

Really interesting to see what all you guys and gals do for a living.

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Name: Simon

Age: 33

sex m/f: male

Location city/state: Sale, Vic.

Occupation: Operations Supervisor (Oil Industry)

Currently drive: BA XR6T with all the good stuff!

Married: Yep with 3 sprogs

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  • Flower Power
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Name: Ivan

Age: 22

Sex m/f: only with females please

Location city/state: Sydney (Bankstown to be exact)

Occupation: Network Engineer

Currently drive: Crapbox Ford 86 4sp manual laser, I hope it lasts me till 1st August....

Married: Yes....for about 1.25 years now.

Hobbies: Driving, speeding, overtaking, road rage, computers, insulting customers (I wish), music, oh and a bit of lovin a couple of times a day is a must!

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  • Poison Fish. Poison Fish. TASTY FISH!!!
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Name: Brendan

Age: 18

Sex m/f:Male

Location city/state: Wooloweyah

Occupation,hah work is for suckers: TAFE IT Bum.

Currently drive: 1987 XF GL.Hey at least its a manual

Married: I aint heard no shotgun yet...

Hobbies: Listening to music,doing as much as possible while using as little energy as possible,keeping caltex wealthy, reading MOTOR

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well since the hubby's not gonna reply I may as well!!! I work night shift as a nurse at Royal Darwin Hospital (I worked at concord hospital, NSW until xmas) (no good deeds here!) and the hubby goes to uni and isn't currently working, he's actually an electrician by trade (so if anyone needs any rewiring he's going cheap, but you've got to fly him from the NT!! :laughtcont: ha ha!!). We drive a XR6T Phantom, auto, tint, DVD Rex and the rest! and a telstar, we bought the telstar cause the hubby didn't like the idea of leaving the XR6T overnight at the hospital, I think he was worried the "longgrassers" would be watching DVD's when I came out in the morning!! :jackinthebox: ha ha!!! We bought the car in NSW and moved to the NT over christmas, had the DVD rex installed for the trip!!

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