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Whats Everyone Do For A Crust?

Guest DZ.

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Guest DZ.
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So now that we've got a few members here, what does everyone do for a living? I want to see if there are as many IT geeks in this place as in Performance forums! :D

I'm a Program Manager - I just don't know what that actually means. Something to do with running projects I think.

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I'm an AJ. (Army Jerk)

I'm currently employed as a Driver. Drive Rovers, Cruisers, and those big Merceded Benz 'Mogs' you see terrorizing anyone in a little car. Well, anyone in a car actually... :lol:

And I gotta go to work right now, otherwise I'll be late.

AWOL charge BAAAD.

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  • SLOJAM, Gone but not forgotten
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I'm in the Diagnostics service industry (Bayer health care), looking after pathology instrumentation (blood analysers and tissues processors) in hospitals and private pathology service companies

I'm 36 - old fart

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  • The Noble Leader
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IT geeks huh? :D

Personal Computing Infrastructure Architect (Now that's a mouthfull) I design computing infrastructure for the company i work for.. make decisions on change and design of new systems and PC related infrastructure.

And Im 25.. B)

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Guest Ford PR Man
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Motoring journalist in a former life. Now happily working at Blue Oval HQ in Communications (PR) spreading the good word about BA. Hallelujah!

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