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Whats Everyone Do For A Crust?

Guest DZ.

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Name: Ben

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Location: Geelong, Victoria.

Occupation: Rigger, currently working on the Expensive Daewoo HFV6 engine plant construction...

Currently Drive: Blueprint XR6T

Married: No thanks!

Guess I'm one of the few blue collar workers on this forum, Oh and dont hold the Expensive Daewoo thing against me! :P

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Name: Rob

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Location: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Have my own computer company and make racing simulators.

Currently Drive: AU XLS Ute

About to order an XR6T

Married: Yes .. 11 years .. 2 Daughters

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Guest Steve's XR8
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Name: Steve

Age: 41

Sex: When wife lets me :)

Location: Sydney, NSW

Occupation: Internal Sales and Q.A Manager

Currently Drive: Used to drive AU11XR8 until stolen.

Married: Yes, 7 years, 1 Daughter 18.

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I'm in the Diagnostics service industry (Bayer health care), looking after pathology instrumentation (blood analysers and tissues processors) in hospitals and private pathology service companies

Name: Dave

Age: 36

Sex m/f: yes please (females only need enquire)

Location city/state: Vic - outer east

Occupation: as above

Currently drive: VT accalim wagon, XR6T on order :D

Married: Yep! two kids 3yo and 7 weeks.

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Guest Nevermind
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Name: Damien

Age: 23

Sex m/f: Male

Location city/state: Newcastle NSW

Occupation: IT Technican (bottom of the dung heap)

Currently drive: 99 XR6 VCT

Married: Soon

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