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  1. If you are just going to do a couple of track days / fun days - I would go for the Turbo. If you want to race, I would look at an XR8, and check all the rules for production or Improved Production to ensure you build it to spec. If you run a Turbo, they put you up a class, and you are up against seriously quick cars, and you would not be as competitive.
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  12. I have driven trucks before... and I could only DREAM that they had a gearbox as nice as a T56. The T56 is a heavy duty box, designed to take a LOT of power... The one in my car is the same one as used in the supercharged mustangs in the US... (last time I looked mustangs didnt resemble trucks ) I still dont get why the guys from APS are denying the T56 being in there car... I mean.. its on numerous forums, with hundreds of witnesses... If they are implying that a T56 is not good enough for a car with APS gear in it... I guess I better do something quick... I mean... its only been 2 years since I did my 6 speed conversion, and 3 years since I got the unichip... so I probably only have minutes left before it stops working... :lol:
  13. Who ever thinks the T56 6 Speed is a "truck box", and is sloppy for shifting obviously has never driven a car with T56 in it before. (or if they have - they have never driven a car with a T5 in it, to compare it to) I have a a T56 in my ED XR8, and I find it far superior to the T5, and T3650 that are standard equipment from ford. I was at Oran Park a couple of weeks ago, and I let a friend of mine (Brad) drive my car for a few laps. Brad works for ford. He is the head driving instructor for the Australian Academy of Motorsport, and the John Bowe institute in NSW, He is the guy that will do the driver training course for all FPV owners in NSW, He is also the guy who drives the GT's in the new GT add. (so... he knows one of two things about driving) He was VERY impressed the T56 in my car. He was commenting on how the shift on it was so smooth.. He said he might even consider that as one of the mods he does to his XR6T after is out of warranty.
  14. Hi Everyone, The FPV - Tickford Club of NSW will be holding there annual Dyno Competition soon. Venue - Croydon Autosports 9 Blaxland St, Silverwater Date - Sunday May 16th, 2004 Time - 9am - 4pm Cost - $60 for club members, $65 for non club members. Trophy's will be awarded to the winner of each class.. The classes are.. 6Cyl EB - EL AU - BA - Proudly sponsored by Brad Garlick Ford Forced Induction (turbo, supercharged, or nitrous) - Proudly sponsored by Peppertree Performance BA XR6 Turbo - Proudly Sponsored by FordXR6Turbo.com V8 5.0L 5.4L (Barra) - Proudly sponsored by Brad Garlick Ford 5.6L and higher (Strokers and T Series) - Proudly sponsored by Taylored Mortgage Consulting. Forced Induction (turbo, supercharged, or nitrous) - Proudly sponsored by Peppertree Performance For More info - please check out the Dyno Day website - http://dynoday.fpvclub.com It will be ON, rain, hail or shine.· This event is strictly limited to 50 entrants on a first come, first serve basis. All entrants receive an entrants "goodies bag" containing stickers, lollies, posters, and lots of other cool stuff. They will also get a voucher that entitles them to 1 sausage sandwich, a side salad & 2 drinks on the day - extras may be purchased for a small additional fee. Non-participating spectators are most welcome to come and watch the action. To confirm a booking for your car on the dyno, e-mail dynoday@fpvclub.com
  15. I thought it was an awesome day. I was there from 9am till 6pm. There is a lot of seriously awesome cars there. When I see the engineering that go into them, it realy amazes me. Bit of a dissapointment that the driving events got cancelled due to the rain, but the burnouts were great while they were on. Some of the figures coming out the dyno was amazing!! Steve Santos was there with his immaculate VL (the one that caught fire in the dyno cell at the nats). He is qualifying as the highest powered so far. Over 700HP !! Only 1 BA went on the dyno (and I had to drag him there, and force him to do it). 266 rwhp out of a BA XR8 with K&N filter and chip. Not bad, but I think he wanted more (dont we all) I will be back down there tomorrow... charging my camera now... Want to get HEAPS more pics. P.S - Did you see the twin turbo capri at the Extreme stand? How neat is that!!!, and there is a purple Holden (not sure what model - its an old one) with a LS1 in it.... that car is very impressive!!
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