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  1. Happy Birthday 2fardown!

  2. Happy Birthday 2fardown!

  3. Can you let me know if this sorts it out? Having a similar issue with my ute.
  4. Happy Birthday 2fardown!

  5. Happy Birthday 2fardown!

  6. IMHO the ZF tune is being way over hyped and clearly some tuners are capitalising on this. For the money you pay, in most cases $500+, I can't say it's the best value for money. Don't get me wrong, the firmer shifts are great but definitely not worth the issues that the new X3 firmware updates have caused with flashing (error 1034, several flash attempts etc). My tuner told me "Just don't change the tune"; yeah awesome, I now have an $800 paper weight all because SCT's R&D is substandard, not to mention the now defunct X2. SCT has questionable consumer ethics.
  7. We aren't talking about a toaster here. It's a $60k+ vehicle that one would expect would be backed with a decent warranty and after sales service and support. To simply suggest that he rolls over on pursing Ford for what appears to be a significant fault impacting potentially 100's of other customers is completely absurd, even if it's a few months out of warranty.
  8. This comes standard with most, if not all Ford's. Hence why they can't find the "issue". The advice given in this thread to control the clunk with your right foot is the best cure.
  9. Happy Birthday 2fardown!

  10. Congratulations Dave. You keep raising the bar with the XR6 Turbo and you have proved that with the correct tuning and expertise, anything is possible.
  11. Blueboost ran a 10.9 in his with standard 4 speed and standard bottom end. Bloody top effort
  12. I would check for previous signs of rust. Make sure the rear guards aren't full of bog.
  13. Thanks guys. Won't be getting another XR6t or F6 at this stage. Hopefully should hear back from the insurers tomorrow or Friday. Can you believe the tow tuck drivers were posing for photos whilst winching the car onto the flatbed?
  14. Unfortunately this is what happened at our place last Wednesday in Brisbane (Bardon). I was in Thailand (Anyone watch A Current Affair tonight?? ) at the time, so it wasn't a very good day yesterday seeing it for the first time. You can see how high the water was by the "high tide" mark on the fence. The car was towed today to be assessed. Not sure what to buy next, though I can guarantee that it won't be near as quick. Such a shame to see the car in this condition. My girlfriends car was written off also (2006 Expensive Daewoo Astra). The car was fully insured, though was worth much more to me then what they'll offer me. Hope no one else from here was hit....
  15. 2fardown


    Went to the Brissy one and they only band I knew was Peaches..... Was good though

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