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  10. G'day Drew, that's a hell of a sleeper you've got there, nice! :D Funny you should mention those two cars, I actually went to a Ford and a Expensive Daewoo dealership yesterday to get a bit more information on those very cars The SV8 is winning out on price, but IMO the Falcon is winning in looks (exterior and interior) at this stage...have to wait until I can test drive both before making a decision like that Keep us updated
  11. Haven't been here for a while, good to see everyone's loving their cars so much Congrats and kudos to you Mr Dennis, that's great work mate :D Mind if I ask what you used to create it? And is this sort of thing part of your job by any chance?
  12. Hey psi guy, sorry for the lagged response (no pun intended) haven't been on here for a while I'll take some shots of my installation tonight, it quite possibly won't help you guys that much unfortunately though as it's on my turbo Corolla not a Falcon but I'll put them up anyway so you can see what is sort of going on
  13. matt - I know it's a long shot, but the Expensive Daewoo V8 traction control system works by applying the brakes as well as moderating the accelerator pedal, which my mate (VT II Senator) has described as sort of feeling like the ABS sensation you get through the brake pedal but on the accelerator. Does that make sense? What I"m trying to say is were you gunning it at the time, maybe traction control was kicking in? Just a wild shot in the dark anyway
  14. I know a lot of you guys won't want to "ruin" the interior of your cars with possibly ricey looking gauges but seriously a boost/vacuum gauge can really go a long way with helping to understand how turbos work. It doesn't have to be a stupidly big one sticking up in the middle of your dash, I've got mine in one of my air conditioning vents to the right of the steering wheel so it doesn't stand out like dogs balls Just a suggestion anyway, it helped me a bit with my car anyway. Plus if you do it yourself it's yet another way to help you understand where all the bits go and what they do
  15. Simon

    Day Trip

    Myself and a few "Fast Fours" buddies did this very run on Saturday night, it really is a great fun drive, recommend it :D If you could cope with a ricer coming along I would love to join in and have a squiz at all your lovely cars 11th I would be in but I'm working the 18th, keep us posted on what the final call is Only thing is I may find it too tempting and be forced to trade up :o!
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