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  1. Happy Birthday RUS531!

  2. Happy Birthday RUS531!

  3. Gtx3582R Vs 62/35 Precision

    Iv been looking into a GTX also and my tuner strongly recommended a new low mount manifold to get the best benefit and improve spool time. Currently waiting to hear back to hear if it can all be done in two weeks time. I was also tossing up between turbos but figured for what I use my ute for, the GTX is probably the better option for me due to proven reliability. My stock turbo has about 170k km on it while pushing around 370rwkw over the last 4 years and 320kw in the years before that and is still in good condition. I like power on tap to fry the tyres at will and scare the crap out of people while using it as a daily driver and not so much for the strip/track. so for me, I'm sticking to Garrett.
  4. Which Brake Pads

    I'm about to try Project MU HC+ Pads on the front. Will report back
  5. Happy Birthday RUS531!

  6. Best Tuner In Sydney / Wollongong Area

    Tunehouse all the way. Have always put in a huge effort to get work done for me!
  7. Turbo Life

    Mines done 140000Km... mix of easy and hard driving
  8. Happy Birthday RUS531!

  9. Newcastle Area

    lol, that's ok, should still beat the V6s
  10. My New Ute

    Hi Kyle. Nice ute mate, love the colour. I looking at getting an ER6NL as well. What do you think of them? Cheers Cameron
  11. Happy Birthday RUS531!

  12. I have had the BPR CAI on my previous ute (BF XR6 N/A). I had it tuned using the xr8 snorkel then changed to the BRP unit and it did make a significant seat of pants difference. I did not get a dyno comparison becuase I lived a good 10hrs from the tuner, and using a different dyno wasn't going to be an accurate comparison. In my opinion I reckon they are a good bit of gear. I wouldn't be too worried about the tune if you are changing your exhaust, unlike the turbo engines, you won't be running any risks without retuning, you just won't be getting the most out of your enitre setup.
  13. Portable Fridges And Eskies Under Hardlids

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I ended up finding a 70lt eskie from bunnings as a reasonable price that fits in perfectly. Can't remember what the brand is now..... I'll have to pull it out....may as well fill it up too :-)
  14. Anyone Likely To Try The New Garrett Gtx Turbos?

    Any updates on the comparisons?
  15. Help Choosing First Mod(S)

    Not to take anything away from Simon.... but why not contact them direct?

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