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  1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FG-Genuine-ford-UTE-reverse-CAMERA-kit-wiring-F6-FPV-Pursuit-XT-XR6-XR8-mark11-/222325237155?hash=item33c39de5a3:g:inIAAOxy0aBRrHSe this one plugs in to icc
  2. because of the mount design can be made to fit the licence plate and the angle of the camera works
  3. I am not sure if this helps I have a mk1 fg ute I got the terratory camera kit off ebay that plugs directly into icc and had to get the icc flashed to get the screen up looks like you dont have that issue, yu should be able to gt a mk2 camera kit. I mounted my camera above licence plate andit still has good vision had to modify the bracket
  4. 2010 Fg F6 Disc Upgrade

    what about the 5000 series?
  5. 305S On Fg Ute

    does any one have pics, offset specs of 305 x 19 on an fg ute? cheers
  6. Tail Shaft Mall Wood V Cheeper No Frills ?

    just got a quote not dont have it yet just planning ahead. unsure if dave uses them or mal wood
  7. Missfire

    from ford.
  8. Missfire

    genuine ford coils
  9. Missfire

    30,000ks drivers getting old?? have not checked earths
  10. Missfire

    light throttle cruise and moderate throttle up sight hills, seamed to go away under heavier throttle more prone when engine is hot
  11. Missfire

    have had shell in it twice since I have got it first time was coincidently the same time it started missing last time it was good but started missing coming into town of highway. yes it throws coil codes( cyl missfire) it was always 1 and 6 now 2 and 5 and random multipule miss code too
  12. Fg F6 Reverse Camera In Ute

    got it sorted asl module pluging and flash for the win.
  13. Tail Shaft Mall Wood V Cheeper No Frills ?

    hardy spicer mackay 1500$
  14. Missfire

    I have had an issue for a while now my 2010 fg f6 ute 30k on the odo, growler intake and catback I have had it for 3-4months now . a while ago after filing up with shell 98 ( first time normaly bp98) started missing excessively replaced fuel filter (opened it not drity) got better. after many tanks of bp 98 it was still missing cyls 1 and 6 mainly on cruise 100-110kph than randomly at other times. replaced plugs to standards gapped down missing got better only on cruise 100-110kph not randomly 1 and 6 cyl again. replaced coil packs it bacame perfict on cruise random missing around town and after coming from hwy into town now on cyl 2 nd 5. has anyone experienced this of have any insight to me it is looking like fuel ie injector dirty fuel lines still? or possibly valve springs? any help would be good cheers darron

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