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  1. you can fit whiteline swaybar and mal wood tramp bars.
  2. cheers guys think I will stick to the staging plan and switch the second pump on over 20psi.
  3. I am at 435rwkw at the moment on the single 044 was thinking of staging twins with a boost switch
  4. what power does the pierburg max out at?
  5. I was wondering what people have upgraded there single 044 to on and external surge set up is there a better single pump to swap the 044 out with ie. pirebirg, fuellab ect. I can go twin 044 but looking at options. cheers
  6. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FG-Genuine-ford-UTE-reverse-CAMERA-kit-wiring-F6-FPV-Pursuit-XT-XR6-XR8-mark11-/222325237155?hash=item33c39de5a3:g:inIAAOxy0aBRrHSe this one plugs in to icc
  7. because of the mount design can be made to fit the licence plate and the angle of the camera works
  8. I am not sure if this helps I have a mk1 fg ute I got the terratory camera kit off ebay that plugs directly into icc and had to get the icc flashed to get the screen up looks like you dont have that issue, yu should be able to gt a mk2 camera kit. I mounted my camera above licence plate andit still has good vision had to modify the bracket
  9. what about the 5000 series?
  10. does any one have pics, offset specs of 305 x 19 on an fg ute? cheers
  11. just got a quote not dont have it yet just planning ahead. unsure if dave uses them or mal wood
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