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  1. Has anyone with an FG Turbo ute ZF ever actually had any shims between the middle bearing and the mounting face on the chassis. The manual mentions that they may be fitted. Mine does not. Has anyone ever has some fitted off the assembly line ?
  2. Any ZF user have an experience / opinion on using the thicker Syn - TS compared to the thinner SYN-TS® LV My understanding is the LV is better suited to colder climates and the Syn - TS is best for hotter climates
  3. Had the old OEM water/oil heat exchanger pressured test @ 50psi after oven heating to 70 deg C. Held pressure no problem. Also conducted a crackle test on the oil and no water was present.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated Arronm.
  5. Yes, I have already removed the OEM filter which is 30mm long on an FG and also removed the OEM metal supply line and installed an Earls's filter supply line but I was not aware of this restrictor that has been mentioned. I never found one when I removed / installed the lines and fittings so I was asking where this restrictor is supposed to be located 🤔 I have seen oil line kits that have a small orifice opening on the 90 deg turbo end fitting but the Earl's kit that I have did not have it.
  6. On the turbo banjo or the the block supply banjo end ? Is the restrictor in the block supply banjo in the Earl's kit ?
  7. Also where exactly is this Garrett inbuilt restrictor located ?
  8. Do these Falcon Garrett turbo's require oil line restrictors as I have seen some of these after market turbo oil line kits with a restrictor orifice inplace . . . some do some dont. Whats correct ?
  9. Anybody who has removed the ZF know any info for the type of metal clip used to hold the ZF cable loom to the two points on the right side of the box . . . ? Ford Spare Part tell me you have to buy the complete cable assembly . . . 🥴
  10. ZF Breather Hose Ford Part No: BAF 7H394 A - HOSE Price: $23.16
  11. Went to Ford today to get a price on a tailshaft middle CV boot replacement kit. Spare parts informed me that they are not available and that a replacement tail shaft will cost $2062.91 shipped from the eastern states . . . 🤣 BAWAHAHAHAHAHA !
  12. I have the box out now and its being shipped off for a complete rebuild/exchange. I will put an air cooler in place of the heat exchanger type.
  13. Got an issue: Car: 2010 FG XRT6 Ute with ZF 6HP26. Standard power. Daily driver. Not abused. ZF is also standard and never been opened. Currently 161 000 klms History: Told Ford that on first start (cold) the auto would require a little more throttle than normal before the converter would engage to accelerate from a standstill on the first street corner. Once at normal temp it was normal. The ZF was flushed during 135 000 klm service by Ford dealer. Current: Noticed that the converter is locking and unlocking when on cruise control at around 70-80 km. Revs bounce approx 250-300 rpm. Don't notice it at freeway speeds or any other strange things happening. The cooler is the original one from the factory. I dropped the oil and pan and but the oil was red and not a strawberry milkshake. The ZF lifeguard 6 oil is a transparent yellow colour. Called Ford and they said that they flushed it with a red fully synthetic multi trans fluid and also put a "conditioner" ( ?? ) in it. The filter was the original from August of 2010. The filter and magnets had a grey silt in the them. Approx 7.2 ltrs was drained from the trans after being shut down for about a week. A full system holds about 10-11 ltrs. There is no evidence of a milkshake unless this red oil or the conditioner doesnt do it. The coolant tank is the normal glycol green but it does have some light brown mousse in the bottom of it. Looking at a lot of other images of other falcon cooler tanks, they also seem to have the same stains after it has been cleaned out during a coolant flush. My neighbor has a 2010 FG XR6T manual (no trans cooler) and his radiator coolant tank has the stains as well. Anyone know what maybe the cause of the locking / unlocking if it's not a milkshake ? Is it possible to pressure test the trans cooler circuits to see if its passing ?
  14. You will benefit from dropping the pan regardless of whether its plastic or steel so you can do a visual on the state of the two magnets in the pan and also a visual on the filter which has an outlet which you can see into. I just removed mine (owned from new) with the box having 161 000 klm on it with standard power used as a daily drive with no hard life and the magnets and the top of the filter plate were covered in a silver grey slime. The filter still had is manufacture date on it 07AUG2010. The Ford dealer "flushed" the box during the cars 135 000 klm service at a cost of $450. All they do is hook their pump unit onto the trans cooler ports and cycle through "their" fluid. ZF Lifeguard 6 is a transparent pale golden yellow colour. What came out of my box was red. I called them and quoted my invoice number and got the details. They used what they called a "Red Fully Synthetic Multi Trans Fluid" and a "Conditioner". They could not tell me anymore than that. The pan never came off and the filter was not changed. Summary: IMO - 1. Do not follow the sealed for life philosophy, 2. Drop the pan each time and used your Mk 1 eyeball and best judgement (it's your car and your not doing it like every oil change), 3. Ford dealers do not even use the correct fluid, and 3. Do the work yourself (if you can) you will learn so much and develop good engineering practices along with knowing the 100% accurate service history of your car.
  15. O Trader

    395rwkw FG MKII

    What's the logic about not requiring bilet oil pump gears when running the ZF auto with high power numbers ?
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