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  1. Happy Birthday Muzza!

  2. Happy Birthday Muzza!

  3. Happy Birthday Muzza!

  4. Happy Birthday Muzza!

  5. Happy Birthday Muzza!

  6. Muzza

    Newcastle Area

    TIIDA ....
  7. just getting older by the day Micky..

    Hows Forster treatin you?

  8. whats up muzza!!

  9. Muzza

    There's A New Big Gun In Town...

    Great job Guys, Had a grin from ear to ear when you texted,was waiting all arvo to hear you ran a 9.2 O well I guess there's no better place to do it then at Jambo in a few months. Muzza.
  10. Muzza

    Colour Code

    Well here we go again got the front bar back agian painted "Bare Steel" to my surprise is not even close to the rite colour. They informed me there was 2 listed but they felt the darker one wouldn't suit so without contacting me or even having a look on the internet they went the lighter one.....well if it doesn't look like sh*t I stand #@@!ing... If someone could please give me the rite code number for this so I can stop vomiting every time I open the shed that will be awesome. I'm not saying "Bare Steel" isn't the rite one but the lighter version isn't & by the time I got there every one involved was gone so I never got a chance to see the darker version. Thanks Murray.
  11. Muzza

    Compak Attak 2010

    Hope you all are comming to Jambo ? great showing of how tuff the ford turbo is. Muzza.
  12. Muzza

    Newcastle Area

    Well I just got home & from the fone call I got BF F6 Shockwave is the new Street Compact Champion ! Running a consistant 12.6 all day the field started to fall around him. Great job Aaron you showed them! Mitch & Clayton got knocked out in the 1st round of elimanations with Ryan making it into the 3rd round. Awsome racing with a great day by all. Muzza.
  13. Muzza

    Australia'S Fastest Manual Ba/Bf

    Great job boys.....that 10's not too far away . Muzza
  14. Muzza

    Colour Code

    Thanks Guys I'll pass the info on. try again.....
  15. Hi, If anyone has the colour code for the front splitter on the bar can they let me know please? My panel beater done a repair on mine & the whole front bar has come home 1 colour not happy.

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