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  1. Happy Birthday The_Bogan!

  2. Happy Birthday The_Bogan!

  3. Happy Birthday The_Bogan!

  4. Happy Birthday The_Bogan!

  5. no I dont have a comparison graph handy. Yes, I am trying to have a crack at daves unopened record. May have to wait until next year. Its bloody hard to find the time to get to the drags when the 2 days are week that the drags are on the mrs is working. here's a video clip of my 2 10.5 second passes. the 10.58 was the first pass of the day and the 10.55 was my 3rd pass
  6. hahahahahaha I found that the precision turbo did not suit my needs as I found I compromised low end power for top end. A very good turbo, I just did not find it suitable. I am now running a gtx3582. Minimum boost is 19-20psi and with it wheelspinning on the dyno it is only showing 407rwkw. It is daily driven with around 370-380rwkw. I have run a best of 10.55@132mph in the middle of the day at the HSV nationals at willowbank back in july, which would indicate that it is making more than 407rwkw. Im pretty sure its the fastest 4 speed in qld and also the fastest unopened in qld also. I think I
  7. ran 11.6@124 in the old ba with the dyno sheet showing 319rwkw..
  8. lol, I have to change my sig, havent noticed that before. I wouldnt have the faintest idea... what ever a 12 psi launch will let me do and if the cv's dont give up. hopefully a low 1.5 or high 1.4
  9. 20psi for the race tune. 18psi minimum boost for the street. There is still slot more left in the launch!! I would not recommend running this amount of boost and power for an everyday driver... Im taking a big punt on my bottom end and transmission... everytime I put my foot down im half expecting something to go bang.
  10. I have run a 10.55@132 with my ba mk1 bottom end with only valve springs done. I was chatting to dave last year around april and he said it was making around 440-450rwkw. He also said he made a small adjustment to the tune at the track the night it ran 9.9 Im hoping to have a good crack at his record very soon!!
  11. no gains.... when I was replacing my nizpro valve springs with atomic springs I found that there was a chip out of my hard casing on my exhaust camshaft. I had a set of standard fg camshafts here so I threw those in. I wouldnt recommend fitting them as a performance upgrade.
  12. QLD The Bogan / 445MCW / BA XR6 Sedan / Willowbank /10.55 / 132
  13. watching my boost gauge on the launch the needle didnt move. I have to be sitting a little bit longer than what I did for it to generate boost. I am hoping to take it back out within the next week at night time to see what it will do in the cooler weather and a 12psi launch. all 4 launches were never above 3000rpm, to achieve a 10 - 12 psi launch I have to let it sit for about another second with rpm around the 3300-3500rpm mark. anymore boost than 12 psi I smash cv's...
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