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  1. Happy Birthday BF_F6Shockwave!

  2. not trying to hi jack this thread but I was going to post a similar one today anyways .. I have 6sp manual BF MkII F6 with 383rwkw & it looks like the slave cylinder is cactus .. only just put a Mal Wood Opt 6 clutch in 2000kms ago & that was the 2nd time Ive replaced in the clutch the car too .. so im a bit over the mainual thing at the moment looking at options & $$ to convert to an auto box that will handle that power & maybe a lil more .. low 400kws .. will give good street & strip performance but mostly be reliable .. my box only has 50,000kms on it & as I said
  3. Happy Birthday BF_F6Shockwave!

  4. Happy Birthday BF_F6Shockwave!

  5. I'd be keen, especially in sydney
  6. yeah good variety of cars.. rained a bit around lunchtime but a good day apart from that
  7. So anyone keen for the show at Warners bay tmoz ??
  8. Whats up guys,, there is a good car show on this weekend being run by a couple of friends of mine who lost their son in a car accident last year... anyone keen to meet up & go as a group ? it should be well organised (well much better than the last few "charity" shows in newy). Kim has been on the show scene for about 10 yrs & has a multiple award winning ute (incl summernats & Motorex) see below for details: http://www.mattsmithmemorialcarshow.com/ https://www.facebook.com/#!/MattSmithMemorialCarShow?fref=ts I am happy to organise a cruise if there are a few who are keen !!
  9. yeah I have used him heaps and has always been good, I hadn't heard of him stuffing any cars
  10. just out of curiosity in what way did he screw too many cars over?
  11. Happy Birthday BF_F6Shockwave!

  12. need to get my diff bushes done again, last ones done by ford under warranty... where around newy & how much $$ thinking I'll go with the superpro ones Car only has 40,000 kms and they are stuffed again LOL
  13. hey guys there is a show on at Maitland showground on the 26th Aug.. Maitland Motorfest.. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better than it was for the cruise yesterday Who would be keen to go n show off our rides as a group ? Couple of pics from yesterday before it pissed down!!
  14. I'm planning on going if the weather is kind, I will have all my kids so not to keen on taking them out if its crap, I was going to the Maitland park meeting point
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