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  1. Happy Birthday HIRO F6!

  2. Happy Birthday HIRO F6!

  3. Happy Birthday HIRO F6!

  4. Much respect to John and Jamie. Great effort and only a smaple of what's to come. Both your efforts deserve these rewards Johhny.
  5. Disappointed this beast wasnt feesible. Maybe one day
  6. Well done mate. I bet your happy with it. Time to find that Torana that used to get the legs on ya. And you'll catch and pass me in no time. Im moving at a snails pace now. Just bought a 2013 ZL1 Camaro to play with
  7. V&E Rigoli Day should be nuts. Be awesome to see the Turbo Fords sit above the pack of imports. Beers at CMS on the Saturday arvo should be fun too. Cheers to Joe for allowing us to use his dyno to make sure the car is healthy after its long drive.
  8. Mate, I will be surprised if you regret the decision. Keep us posted with how it all goes.
  9. Bellato, it's time to focus on solving your issue instead of just talking about it.
  10. Move to QLD. Seen half a dozen external cooler running around on ZFs with no issue. I'm with Joe. People try to over complicate their theories when working with ZFs. They are still a transmission at the end of the day.
  11. It's going to look better on the rollers on Saturday James once you've done you work. Cars only ever been washed a dozen times in 4 years
  12. Drum roll it is, thanks SHP................ Well we did it. Made 1003hp and still had fuel to throw at it. http://youtu.be/OX5UUuefGYM Sorry about my over excitement toward the end!! Had been a long day, E85 fumes were getting to me Im over the moon. This dream started 4 years ago with today being the dream goal. Every step was small, but always heading in the right direction and never pushing $hit up hill. It made 747rwkw's or 1003hp @ 38psi. We could have kept working on the tune for more as there is more to be made safely, but we were too tired. You will see from the dyno sheet below there is a small dip in the curve. Clint believes it may be VCT. It will go back on the dyno either next week or the week after before we take it to Sydney for the V&E Rigoli Dyno Day. 1000kms to make 1000hp! I got to thank Clinton Hocking from ProFile AutoSports. Mate, you've shared this ride with me for the last 4 years. I cant thank you enough. Id call Clint 300 days of the year, more often 3 or 4 calls a day. Without his attention to detail and wanting to be apart of this with me, I'd never have been able to get this far. The other person I want to share this credit with is Kevin Westblade from Process West. Kev ensured we were one of the first (I think we beat everyone to installing it) to try his new twin 460L/hr in surge pumps set up. It f@cking works, that's for sure. I got to admit, after removing a 3.3L Process West Fuel Tube and replacing with this little box, I was slightly sceptical. Hearing how quiet the car is on idle without 2x 044's under it, I thought how is this going to get us past 800hp. As I said to Kev this afternoon, how dare I ever doubt him. Not only this product, but everything Process West has supplied me over the past 4 years has done exactly what he promised it would...... and more. There are no competitors. Want the best, then it's only Process West. Im off to have a beer or 13.
  13. Sure am. It's all been building up for this one. Cheers old mate. Clint should have it on the rollers either today or tomorrow. Should be another big step forward.
  14. Yeah we were, but there was a lot of back pressure. We think it may be a factor in why it was destroying gaskets. A gasket went through the 42 wheel which is why it was replaced with the 45. Could have gone a 1.16 but with a stall and 400 we think the bigger rear won't be an issue and just help us get closer to the 1000 mark. As for the RDP dyno day, it kicks off early. Few posts on Facebook about it.
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