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  1. @CJF077 First suggestion is to ditch that dedicated server. Don't need something that powerful. Here is one suggestion https://www.binarylane.com.au/vps-hosting/linux-vps (no affiliation, but I've used mammoth vps's and they also run/host ausgamers community.. Binary Lane are a spin off sister company). They have a $60AU/month VPS, 4core, 8gb of ram, 120gb SSD, and 2500GB monthly transfer. (there is a cpanel one for $20 more if you prefer using cpanel, but I dont recommend running a management layer as doing performance optimisations may not be supported, ie mysql tuning) MySQL performance tuning can be optimised to use more memory, because it currently sounds like its not using much at all (it should retain the memory even if the site is quiet) Certainly there is a number of providers in this space in australia, but that's just one example.
  2. Why do you think a site like this needs to run off a dedicated server? Maybe 15+ years ago this was the key, but these days technology and price have closed significantly. These days you can get SSD powered VPS’ for a 1/4 of that price and still adequately serve with great performance. I’ve got examples running right now that have far greater utilisation than a forum site would have. How about be factual and provide details about the MySQL database size, storage utilisation, monthly bandwidth utilisation. Being a physical server what cpu and ram configuration does it have? And how many other sites does hostwise solutions also run on the same server? I see that web01 has moved from servers Australia to liquid web around August 2017. Servers Australia have dedicated servers, 2 socket, 8gb of ram with twin ssd storage at $107/ month. Quite arguably more than enough for this site. Liquid web on the other hand, starting at $199usd/ month for quite a beefy system upgrade. Quite arguably a question why this site was moved from servers Australia to liquid web a year ago unless there is other drivers for this, So begs the question.. what else is this server hosting? There is 26 other reverse resolving sites to the same dedicated server. My original statement still holds, this site shouldn’t cost over $500/year in conventional hosting, but since you are managing director of adviceit / t360 you should know this. Clearly this server is used for that business, not solely for fordxr6turbo.com is it?! given there is only web01.adviceit.com.au and no web02 etc. Sorry champ. Cash grab is all I see.
  3. I don't want to sound negative here, but being in the hosting business I've got a fair idea on what sort of costs are associated to run a high volume site. Moreso that over the last 15 years, that price has significantly dropped due to massive competition. If you take into account the renewal cost of the Invision forum software with all features, 6 monthly renewals of "all invision" features is less than $20AU a month. Given that the volume of traffic to this site has considerably dropped over the years, you could potentially run this site on a shared web host (like crazydomains) that provides php and mysql with unlimited disk space for less than the license renewal monthly costs. Even if you needed more grunt with a VPS server to run it all would be well and truly under $150/M, which is the asking monthly price of a single Advertiser, it feels to me a little like a cash grab. Even the Invision cloud based plans are quite cheap, and can be scaled to suit the active users. As a bonus, they do all patching/upgrades for you. Sure there is other costs like domain name, ssl certificate (https/ssl is broken by the way), but none the less, costs associated can be compared to a couple of coffees If this forum's running cost are over $500 a year, you're certainly doing something wrong.
  4. Lol. Well you can't read sarcasm
  5. Once you start using fuel to where the reg isn't backing it up the fuel pressure will actually drop. Mick, I've seen some spec sheet around saying they won't open at around 100-110
  6. Yes. but at this extreme mick, there is signs of idle problems and stalling problems. The fuel trims Do correct it, but its more the problem that the ID1000/Bosch 1000cc injectors have trouble opening at that fuel pressure is what I've noticed.
  7. Headsex

    Fg F6 547Rwkw

    It's a stage 3 Nizpro box.
  8. LOL!.. Smart arse mick! Its just clear that some people do not read my signature when I post..
  9. It proves the whole politics associated with the shutdown of the xcal1 isn't over and its truly a f*cked situation for everyone who was screwed and had to buy a new xcal3. NO tuner can use a XCAL1 anymore.. Except for Herrod.. How is that not surprising..
  10. Best get a tune without a box then.. No one can take that away...
  11. Headsex

    Fg F6 547Rwkw

    Any updates to your auto flare nemz?
  12. I don't believe this will "fix" the problem.. Maybe cover it up a little, but im sure the high pressure will still be there. Well, typically the old 044 surge tank was as simple as that, bolt on, and drive away. It only made a slight difference to fuel delivery (usually because the factory pump couldn't keep up on the first place). I only noticed the problem on this particular vehicle because it started stalling, and idle running like crap.. Scratched my head for a while before it was decided to put a fuel pressure gauge on. KPM sell a fuel reg yes. But Process West SubSurge has a Stage 1 fitting kit which includes a Turbosmart fuel reg mounted to the subsurge, So it simplifies installation and looks the treat! Yeah, I also spoke to kev yesterday about it, because I noticed he had mentioned you could use it even thought I had told him when he first released it we had problems and needed the STG1 Reg replacement kit. He told me the same thing that he will update this website. The single DW300 will be fine, However, I wonder how the twin DW300 fairs.. It could be up there with the single 460.. In my previous experience with the old surge tank, I was one of the original people to run twin 044's, and the Factory fuel reg had the same problem, Althought I do not believe it was as extreme. Either way, with-in a week I fitted a Aftermarket reg to my setup.
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