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  1. Happy Birthday Kroozin!

  2. Happy Birthday Kroozin!

  3. Ok if I bring some other xr's along? 2 non turbo then 2 turbo. Like I said, maybe. New neighbor wants in
  4. Or be a grub n drill some 13mm holes
  5. How long of a throw do you have? Also what brand short throw/shifter kit are you using?
  6. Good find^^^ Interested to see how that goes. Mines the same (but t56) when cold going into 2nd and 3rd Perfect when up to temp though It's a pita driving around the problem, takes kn'ages to change gears avoiding the knotchy grind feel
  7. Helps a f*ckload. You will never see that it's missing the cut out underlay either. Tools required = Stanley knife.
  8. I most def. will not be bringing my misses lol
  9. Mines just gotten an oily film on the intake, pulled the hot side pipe off and found more oil. Can't see that well due to potato pic but can just make out the oil on top of the pipe there..
  10. 19mm OD copper pipe fits noice'n'toight in the rubber grommet thingy at the back of the rocker cover. Now its 2 x 16mm ID hoses breathing to the catch can. Cost all up 74 bux inc. catch can and 2x hoses with 90deg bend
  11. Pressure tested intercooler piping, found that standard blow off valve won't leak under 40psi Cut this thing goes here anyway
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