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  1. Was this including all the other goodies you mentioned above and only the turbo upgraded from this?
  2. The bug has bitten. I'd be keen but I'm extremely poor and will continue to be for at least 2017. :(
  3. Oh I'm on Tapatalk so I can't see your sig sorry mate. More concerned about cooling, brakes, suspension and aero to be honest.
  4. What a ripper time! You have probably posted a mod list before but what do you have right now?
  5. Didn't realise you had already been Rabs. Glad to hear you had a ball. Any vids?
  6. I'll be there supporting some mates getting some times down on Melbourne Cup Day. Good luck! Keen to see how you go.
  7. What grey is that on the interior walls Fluff? Shale?
  8. Wonder if my builder will let me be the first to take first dumps on my thrones before the tradies get on them... I know he's getting a site dunny but I know someone is bound to use the shiny ones inside.
  9. Different strokes for different folks. Feel free to keep banging your heads against walls!
  10. I haven't been here that long but already understand the amount of wasted key presses in the last few pages. Falling on blind eyes fellas.
  11. Install RaceChrono or Harry's Lap Timer on your phone so you can gauge your improvement over the day. They both have most tracks pre loaded so all you need to do is select the track, start the timer and drive. Will show you sector times, top speed, average speed and all that good stuff. It's not an official time but it's still good to see a rough estimate. Have fun mate!
  12. There's your problem. You are driving it wrong. Get the boot in! But in all seriousness I hope you sort it out.
  13. Same every year. Still gutted I couldn't make it. Next year...
  14. And here us Melbournians are appreciative of the sun actually coming out. Haha. WPMO. I'm not at WTAC because my cousin decided to have his engagement this weekend. Love the dude but FFS the timing.

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