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  1. Ralph said he would take mine if you take yours Phil (note: may not have actually happened)
  2. Im not back in Australia until the 18th, and depending on my car status. Will need to contact my tuna, his tools keep getting used/stolen by customers.
  3. 285's and heavy loads on the uterus dont mix.... Right rear has a mark from a load of gravel I picked 6 months ago
  4. Unless you want an auto handbrake you will have to roll tge guards first
  5. Have at it http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/93171-may-cruise/ Quiet as sh*t in here but see what we can put together
  6. Well, its been many months, Racewars has come and gone, Phil has some new trophies, Steve went ----> So fun times all round. But time for a get together. Put in your interest and we will see what happens. Route and date will be set ones we get some feedback
  7. ........ next year..... perks and downsides of some jobs
  8. Covs replacement tailshaft is $1700 from Ford. I went to driveshaft balancing services in Malaga, $260 for centre bearing replacement, $850 to replace the uni joint with a flange so it can be changed in the future without the hassle (and centre bearing replacement). Havent read the full story, only the last few posts. So this may be no help, but yeah... :edit: - Melbourne, never mind Read thread, ignore above
  9. book me in for a tune in December and ill be one of them
  10. 5/7 will read everything you post about the build. Sounds like a fun time
  11. So had to come through Adelaide to try some suits for a mates wedding, and decided to pick up the final piece of power mod for my ute. Wanted to buy online but got stingy at the $50 postage and figured I would pass by here soon enough. I know there are many people who will not agree with my purchase, but it fits all my needs. Walbro 460 pump, reg, wiring loom, and 10 micron filter. will take me (well, I hope) to around the 360-380rwkw mark. essentially making the stock cat back as the most restrictive item left E85 ready No surge, no noise, leagal (well, more legal) And yes, this is as far as I want to go. Im very excited to fit it all up and see what it does on E85. Will have to wait another month though, wont have time to fit it up until december (had less than a week at home over 3 months). Hoping to get this installed and to tranny service at the same time. Ive also got a reverse camera to wire in, and one day I will get my catch cans delivered to me and ill install them. Beyond that I dont think there is much else I want to do...
  12. let the pros do it... turned mine into this this.... into this.... (sorry for the blatant pic whoring, but I cant say enough good about a "great" detailer)
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