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  1. BF xr6t Internals

    First time actually @EvilDaifu But I've talked to people who really knew what they were doing first rather than just going to ebay and buying a bunch of crap. And definitely not @Ford Freak - A wise man learns from another's mistake.
  2. BF xr6t Internals

    I'll have a chat to both of them and then form a plan of attack - end goal for power is around the 350 rwkw mark, but have to get there in steps lol @masda74 It's got a cat-back system on there at the moment, and was hoping to finish the exhaust (dump and hi-flow cat) and install the bigger injectors before having it tuned, but at the end of the day XFT and MT would probably know what's the most efficient and best way of doing this
  3. BF xr6t Internals

    awesome. Thanks again
  4. BF xr6t Internals

    Crazy is probably the wrong word, I'm referring to upgrading intercooler, exhaust and having a tune done it. I've picked up a new set of 60lb injectors already, so I just have to organise the other necessary bits and pieces before taking it to XFT or Monsta Torque eventually Thanks for the reply btw. So many conflicting bits of information on the internet these days, hard to determine what's true
  5. BF xr6t Internals

    Hey guys, I'm new here to the forums so dont eat me alive for not knowing everything I purchased about 9 months ago a BF XR6t with the ZF 6sp (Build date 07/2006), and found some information online regarding to an update Ford did to the bottom end of these engines during 2006 with earlier typhoon internals and valve springs? Can anyone confirm this and when it happened? Just wondering before I go too crazy with the modifications Cheers

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